Askoll Ultra C90A: the first power unit for e-MTBs entirely made in Italy

Askoll Ultra C90A: the first power unit for e-MTBs entirely made in Italy

Since 1978, Askoll has focused on technological innovation, introducing energy-saving synchronous technology to electric motors. Initially used in aquariums, this advancement was later applied to home appliances, heating systems, and e-mobility. Today, Askoll continues its innovative path with the launch of Askoll Ultra, a brand dedicated to developing power units for e-MTBs.

The Askoll Ultra C90A is the brand’s first power unit designed exclusively for e-MTB use, featuring a compact and high-efficiency design. With a peak power of 1,200 W and a maximum torque of 110 Nm, it operates optimally between 60 to 80 rpm. It offers five assistance levels, walk assistance, and unassisted modes, providing support from 70% to 450% of the expressed force. Patented 4-axis construction makes the motor lightweight at 2.9 kg, despite being made with traditional materials like aluminium.

In-house produced batteries 

The power kit includes the Askoll InTube battery, developed from the company's expertise in lithium-ion batteries for electric mobility. The InTube battery is designed to enhance motor efficiency and system performance, with a durable extruded aluminum body, waterproof shock-resistant connectors, and a compact design.

Available in 630 Wh and 500 Wh sizes, it is lightweight and charges quickly, with the 500 Wh model reaching full charge in about 3 hours and 25% to 80% in 1.5 hours. The motor is also compatible with third-party batteries.

SIGMA control centre 

The Askoll Ultra solution is completed by the Sigma control centre. The rider can communicate with the system directly from the ergonomic multifunctional EOX Remote 500 controller. Equipped with Bluetooth and Ant+, the EOX Remote 500 allows managing and controlling the most important information with a click (such as the assistance level, battery status, and any error messages).  

For riders who want comprehensive control during their ride, the EOX Remote 500 is compatible with 11 Sigma displays. With the Sigma Ride app, users can track speed, distance, rider power, pedal cadence, and biomedical information. It also allows sharing statistics and routes on platforms like Komoot, Strava, and Training Peaks, providing a connected and detailed riding experience.

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