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Technological developments driving the e-bike market

October 2022
  • Connectivity still drives components development
  • Leading trends at Eurobike 2022
  • Safety and quality in drivetrain technologies
  • Next model year e-bike parts & accessories
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Supply chain grips the bicycle industry

September 2022
  • Huge differences in lead-times makes supple uncontrollable
  • Industry insiders reflect on supply chain issues
  • An e-bike with no battery?
  • Reshoring production in Europe gathers pace
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Eurobike reaffirms strengthening position of e-bikes

July 2022
  • European markets count wins and losses in 2021
  • Eurobike 2022 in an all-new environment
  • E-bike market share rapidly growing in Europe
  • Supply problems bring mixed results in key markets
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E-bike innovations revealed at Taipei Cycle 2022

April 2022
  • E-bike innovations vital market driver
  • Taiwan eagerly waiting next physical meet-up
  • Innovations on display at Taipei Cycle show
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2022 a turning point for the e-bike market

March 2022
  • Premium e-bikes gain market share in Germany and Benelux
  • Portugal boosts bicycle and e-bike exports in 2021
  • CONEBI flags concern for e-bike battery repairs
  • Developments in e-bike innovation
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Cargobikes the next market disruptor

November 2021
  • Climate change puts cargo bikes in the spotlight
  • Urban Arrow founder Jorrit Kreek on future of transport bikes
  • Cargo bike in Germany change the looks of the streets
  • Are cargo bike set for UK boom?
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Trade shows and industry events start again

September 2021
  • Eurobike kick-off trade show rally this week
  • World Cycling Forum: Capitalizing on the current cycling boom
  • IAA Mobility includes two halls for bicycles and e-bikes
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World Cycling Forum 2021: Cycling boom spurs online sales

August 2021
  • WiggleCRC changes ownership
  • Online cargo bike reseller
  • Register for World Cycling Forum 2021
  • Retailer successful in omni channel
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Market Reports - A new status for e-bikes

June 2021
  • German e-bike market reaches unparalleled sales records
  • Dutch e-bike and bicycle market value sees 30% growth
  • E-bike sales in Spain hit record numbers in 2020
  • The impact of COVID-19 on the 2020 bike market
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E-bike innovations and regulations

March 2021
  • E-bike superlatives – Pushing innovation or price?
  • 9 facts about refurbishing e-bike batteries
  • Oli focuses on close to market with Italian made e-bike motors
  • First hydrogen e-cargo bike soon on the road
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E-bikes in the lead at Taipei Cycle Online 2021

March 2021
  • Market update EU e-bike imports
  • Taipei Cycle on track for online event only
  • Taiwan e-bike export up in turbulant 2020
  • Interview TBA Secretary General Gina Chang
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New technologies make frame production more flexible

December 2020
  • Alloy frame production starts in Bulgaria
  • 3D printing brings flexibility
  • yo opens in-house frame building
  • Dyneema fibres makes frame unbreakable
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Cycling boom leads the way to more innovations

November 2020
  • Innovative e-bike introductions 2020
  • Battery innovations that step up e-bike performance
  • Notable new products
  • Versatile and comfortable saddles
  • Cannondale brings fully recyclable packaging
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2021 e-bike innovations that will spur the market

September 2020
  • Yamaha steps up market presence with new e-bike drive unit
  • BMZ launch 725Wh integrated e-bike battery
  • Bosch improves riders experience with more technical features
  • Fazua updates evation connectivity software for 2021
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Market Reports: Expanding e-bike sales trend continue into 2020

May 2020
  • Post corona era to change position of e-bike mobility
  • E-bike continue to penetrate the French market
  • E-bike sales jump 39% in Germany
  • Solid e-bike sales despite subsidy stop in Sweden
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E-bikes spark production transformation in Europe

February 2020
  • Inside ultra-modern Kross facility in Poland
  • Interview: E-bikes trigger investment boom
  • Production relocation becoming the main trend
  • E-bike production in EU to triple in next five years
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Taiwan's bike industry entering new era

November 2019
  • New approach to production; fully focused on e-bike engineering
  • E-bike industry growing at lightning speed
  • Giant’s e-bike sales to grow over 50% this year
  • Also Merida invests heavily in e-bike production in Europe
  • Taiwan parts makers diversifying into components for e-bikes
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Eurobike on solving supply shortages

September 2019
  • Production relocating from China to Taiwan
  • What about production in Europe?
  • Robotized aluminium frame production starts in Poland
  • Belgium takes carbon frame production to the next level
  • Can hi-tech steel grade trigger volume production in Europe?
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Aiming for bikes' electronic future

July 2019
  • E-bike sales sky rockets across Europe
  • Are speed pedelecs on verge of breakthrough?
  • Regulations coming for electric step scooters
  • EU on why there are e-bike anti-dumping duties
  • Eurobike to show exploding offering in e-bike components
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Taiwan industry reinvents itself

March 2019
  • Market electrifying and digitizing
  • Taipei Cycle returns to March schedule
  • How fits new hall in Taipei Cycle concept?
  • E-Bike puts Taiwan's export on growth track
  • Giant and Merida report boosting revenues
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E-bike market attracts more automotive suppliers

September 2018
  • Is the e-bike motor market becoming overcrowded?
  • Car makers now actually entering electric two-wheeler market
  • E-bike dumping case: the consequences
  • Two-year user survey signifies great future for e-cargo bikes
  • Speed pedelec sales show steady growth
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The growing complexity of the e-bike business

July 2018
  • Will Chinese makers move production?
  • Taiwan and Vietnam warming e-bike export up
  • E-bike anti-dumping duties become fact
  • E-bike motor market to grow to multi-billion dollar business
  • E-bike batteries - Fire hazards
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E-bike brings digitalization to the industry

February 2018
  • Bike sector is reinventing itself
  • More car companies stepping into e-bike market
  • Yamaha grows motor production for Europe
  • Battery shortages coming
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