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FIVE increases product range and expands sales network in Europe

FIVE increases product range and expands sales network in Europe

FIVE is the company manufacturing electrical bikes with brand names Italwin and Wayel. In November 2018 the company started manufacturing batteries via an automated production line.

FIVE increases product range and expands sales network in Europe

FIVE’s factory was inaugurated in 2017 by Italy’s Minister for Environment. The aim was to create an industrial manufacturing pole for light electrical mobility. The plant’s surface is 7.000 square meters.

The whole installation is completely self sufficient with regard to its energy needs and is eco-friendly, too. Its totally automated production process is available for batteries’ assembling line, stock handling and product painting.

The manufacturing line consists of 20 single positions. More than 3.000 finished products can be stored in a very limited area in the warehouse. Water-based painting takes place on automated scrolling. This allows a high-speed painting process and at the same time high-level precision in manufacturing.

Reshoring from China to Italy

Moving up, more than 3 years ago FIVE started production of its Wayel and Italwin branded e-bikes. From this year one 100% of electrical bikes manufacturing and batteries’ assembling will take place in Italy. Manufacturing in Italy allows a shorter “time to market” and improves the products’ quality. Maximum manufacturing capacity is 35.000 electrical bikes per year.

Batteries’ assembling

FIVE added the new department for automated battery assembling in November 2018. The selected cells for batteries’ assembling are Samsung only, thus ensuring high-end production standards for quality and safety. All the batteries are certified according to the technical specifications stated in relevant regulations. Maximum assembling capacity is 50.000 batteries per year.

International distribution

FIVE has been on the market with Wayel since 2008. Italwin has been on the market since 2003 offering more than 35 models. The models range include all market categories: urban bikes, folding bikes, fat bikes, trekking bikes and mtb bikes. The sales network in Italy consists of more than 300 dealers, while FIVE is extending its distribution network to the main European countries. FIVE supports dealers every year with their activity with periodical technical training courses.

Market outlook FIVE

For the next 2 years, FIVE targets to extend its own international presence on European market, by increasing the network of dealers and establishing new partnerships with distributors and agents in different countries. Moreover, FIVE aims to cover all market’s sections of light electrical mobility.

OEM Service

FIVE, thanks to its high-level know how and a modern and efficient production plant can develop OEM solutions together with its own distribution partners for electrical bikes and speed pedelec production as well as for batteries’ assembling.

FIVE participates in BACS consortium for internationalization of cycle and accessories industry companies, which also contributed to writing of this article.

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