New Gates Carbon Drive tech video series

New Gates Carbon Drive tech video series

New workshop-style technical education videos about the innovative chain-replacing belt drive system from Gates Carbon Drive are now available, covering a range of topics from efficiency, alignment, new tools, performance in the field and upcoming training events.

Efficiency demystified

Steel chain vs Gates Carbon Drive – many efficiency questions abound, so Universal Transmissions (UT) tackled the topic and put together a 3-part video series. You may be surprised about the results – watch the videos to find out. Part 1 provides an overall summary of results with Part 2 and 3 diving deeper into the methodology and background of test.

New laser alignment tool

Alignment is more crucial in a belt drive system than chain, so UT created a new laser alignment tool to help shops and manufacturers ensure they are meeting the requirements.

In total, UT created twelve new videos – covering additional topics like design resources for bicycle designers and tips on belt handling and care. Check them out on the Universal Transmissions YouTube Channel. Videos available in English or German.

European tech training tour beginning in November

In addition to the videos, Gates-UT is partnering for select face-to-face enviolo trainings this November through March 2021 to support the pairing of the Gates Carbon Drive belt system with the enviolo hubs and to provide high-level answers for attendees.  Learn more.

Belt vs Chain for touring

Alee (@cyclingabout) is a touring cyclist with over 100,000 kilometres under his belt – literally.  He recently assembled a video comparing his experience with belt vs chain for touring.  Now with nearly 1 million views, this video is certainly providing answers to riders’ questions.

This article was sponsored by Gates Carbon Drive.