Gates Carbon Drive launches new products

Gates Carbon Drive launches new products

Bicycle drivetrain requirements vary greatly - the performance needed for a casual commuter is vastly different than that of a long distance bikepacker. To address an even wider range of bike types and riding styles, Gates now offers five distinct Carbon Drive product families for bikes and e-bikes: SideTrack, CDN, CDC, CDX, and CDX:EXP.

Meeting demand

Gates has been innovating their Carbon Drive belt systems since they entered the bicycle market in 2007. Originally developed on single-speed mountain bikes, the low-maintenance and high strength system is now found on everything from beach cruisers to cargo bikes, from fitness training cycles to full suspension mountain e-bikes. Gates engineers have continued to develop their systems, recently launching 3 new or expanded levels of performance to meet manufacturer demand.

New CDC sprockets feature new tooth design & coating for electric bikes

The CDC line with next-generation CenterTrack™ design, features a new patent-pending aluminium sprocket design, coating and tooth profile for optimised value and durability. Designed for leisure and light-commuter style mid-motor e-bikes with ≤50 N-m torque, CDC will enable more consumers to experience the advantages of the Gates Carbon Drive system.

The CDC line of sprockets paired with the Gates Carbon Drive CDX belt will initially be compatible with Bosch Active Line and Active Line Plus, and Shimano E5000 and E6100 motors. With 20 different spider assembly and ten rear sprocket options for internal-geared and single speed hubs, CDC covers the most popular drivetrain sizes.

New SideTrack line brings low-maintenance belt drivetrain to leisure bicycles

The SideTrack system is a new solution designed specifically for manufacturers of entry-level performance and leisure bikes with few gears. It’s intended for seasonal, recreational cyclists looking for their first belt-driven bike. The SideTrack system features flanged front and rear sprockets paired with the proven bicycle-optimised 11mm pitch Gates belt, constructed with carbon fibre tensile cords and an HNBR polymer. SideTrack is designed for use with most single-speed & 3-speed internally geared hubs and is initially available only to OEs.

New CDX:EXP sprockets feature high-strength construction for adventure cyclists

Finally, the CDX:EXP line is expanding to include three new sprockets made of high-hardness, high-strength steel or aluminium for use with Rohloff internally geared hubs & Pinion gearboxes. Featuring the patented original CenterTrack design, these sprockets offer exceptional durability to enable even bigger all-weather adventuring over the toughest trails and harshest environments.

Industry Trends and New Products Webinar

Zach Krapfl, Business Development Manager, and Jonathan Weinert, Director of Marketing, presented a webinar covering the latest trends in 2-wheel cycles and detailing the newest Carbon Drive belts, sprockets, and cranksets currently available. Sign up here to watch.

New Product Guide

Completely updated, the Gates Carbon Drive Product Guide is now available and details the riding styles and technical comparison of these 5 product lines.

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