Quality and innovation: Taiwan Excellence introduces best brands on March 25

Quality and innovation: Taiwan Excellence introduces best brands on March 25

Six Taiwan Excellence Award winners from the bicycle industry will showcase their most innovative products on March 25 on Taiwan Excellence Youtube Channel. The event will be jointly held by Taitra, the foremost non-profit, semi-governmental trade promotion organization in Taiwan, and the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan.

The companies include big brands such as Merida, KMC, Maxxis, Novatec, Dizo bikes and Pacific Cycles. What do these brands have to offer in Taiwan?

All-rounder aerobike

Merida, one of Taiwan’s most prominent high-end bicycle and e-bike manufacturers, will introduce the 4th-generation of its all-rounder aerobike, Reacto. This presentation will highlight how Merida has upgraded and optimized Reacto for the next decade to make it the most balanced racing machine on the market. From beginners to pros, everyone will enjoy this fast and well thought out overall concept.

E-bike solution

KMC, the leading chain manufacturer, will focus on its e-bike solution. E-bike riders shift gears very frequently and require chains that can handle extreme loads of torque. So, here comes the KMC e-bike solution, which includes both chainrings and chains. The chainring roller seats between teeth are perfectly matched to chain rollers for exceptional component engagement. The benefits of this unparalleled “Chain Mate” are higher power transmission efficiency and longer component lifespan.

New generation MTB tire

Maxxis, one of the top 10 tire brands in the world, will introduce its latest gravel tire - Receptor and new generation MTB tire - Shorty GEN 2 to delight the audience. Receptor is a perfect option for riders who want to go the distance on pavements as well as off the beaten path. Shorty GEN 2 is a new knob layout based on feedback from World Cup DH and EWS riders. So, don’t miss out.

Carbon fiber gravel wheelset

Novatec, one of the top 5 bicycle hub suppliers in the world, will present the G24-Caron Fiber Wheelset for gravel bikes. G24 is the first ever carbon fiber gravel wheelset. It comes with the newest hookless and tubeless ready design. In addition to G24, you will also see the M30-CARBON FIBER MTB WHEELSET-ENDURO, the first carbon fiber MTB wheelset for endurance and all mountain bikes.

Debut new gravel model

Other emerging Taiwanese brands, such as DIZO, also hold strong positions in the road bike industry. Dizo derives its name from the Taiwanese homophone "customized," indicating that its products are made in Taiwan and tailored to customers’ needs by featuring unique and bespoke designs. In this session, Dizo's brand new gravel model, Grover, will make its debut. Whether you prefer comfortable bikepacking or exciting races, this bike allows you to easily tackle tricky terrain and longer, multi-day off-road rides.

Award-winning iF series

The last presenter at the event will be Pacific Cycles, a bicycle manufacturer that has been in the business for over 40 years. Pacific will present two collections, including its award-winning iF series, MOOVE (e-pedelec) and MICAH, which is designed for kids from 5 to 15 years old suffering from cerebral palsy.

The Oscars

The unique competitive advantages of Taiwan's bike industry are robust industry hubs, an expert understanding of critical components and a supply chain that combines large-scale manufacturing with superb efficiency. As a result, Taiwan is able to produce the most advanced products, while also providing competitive pricing - the perfect combination.

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