PentaLock: Made by engineers, tested by thieves

PentaLock: Made by engineers, tested by thieves

Ever wondered if you never had to worry about bike theft again? Or wondered what a great opportunity it could be if you could ensure your customers, that they should never worry about bike thieves anymore? This is exactly what you get with a PentaLock integrated. The vision of this company is clear: to give every bike the best protection.

It started with a vision by two engineers that later became three, then five, and now PentaLock consists of a great team with ambitious investors on board. The overall concept of PentaLock is not difficult to understand; PentaLock will prevent your bike from bike theft and is designed as a bottom-bracket with locking and alarm. But to understand PentaLock more deeply, you must understand the story behind the vision.

Preventing bike thieves

Imagine buying a new bicycle with medium or high value. You know, there is a rise in thefts on this kind of bike, so you buy any lock you can find in order to stop thieves from taking the bike – but despite these efforts, your bike still got stolen. At PentaLock, we believe that the answer is to focus on stopping the thief from using or selling the bike.

“We know there is a need for this! When having a PentaLock integrated, the bike is controlled by a wireless key and protected with a 100 dB alarm system, that will scare off any thief who tries to move or touch the bike. Therefore, PentaLock will prevent bike theft - because who wants to steal a bike, that neither can be stolen or used?”

Fits all bikes

You should never be in doubt if PentaLock fits into your brand. PentaLock gives every bike a chance to be the most secure bike.  “No matter what bike is included in your brand, PentaLock will fit. Thus, PentaLock fits all bikes!”

To heighten security PentaLock only sells to bike manufacturers. Thus PentaLock is made for manufacturers and the immobilizer must be built into the bike in the manufacturing process. Due to unique sizing, there is no way to mount an immobilizer on existing bikes or replacing an immobilizer with a standard crank.

The result of PentaLock

With a PentaLock, you get the most secure and convenient solution. By having a Bluetooth keyfob near you, the bike will automatically lock, when you walk away and unlock when you get close to the bike again. This automatic locking system means, that the bike owner cannot forget to lock the bike.

"If you have a PentaLock integrated into your brand, you can be sure, that you at least get a way to differentiate your brand with whole new salespoints. Not least since you will offer your customers the best locking solution they will ever have. So why even doubt about integrating PentaLock?”.

This article is sponsored by PentaLock