Double your bike assembly capacity

Double your bike assembly capacity

The global demand for various bicycles has risen considerably during the global pandemic. In order to keep up with the increase in demand, bicycle and e-bike manufacturers need to secure their assembly capacity. Through unique and flexible assembly solutions, manufacturers can increase production capacity and at the same time improve work conditions.

The corona pandemic is changing the way people get around. From public transport to different types of bikes, e-bikes and cargo bikes. Swedish company OCS Overhead Conveyor Systems, helps leading bicycle manufacturers improve their business and profitability through custom made kitting and assembly solutions.

The unique overhead conveyor solutions meet bicycle manufacturers' requirements for flexible and smart assembly lines. The company’s friction-based patented technology enables them to offer modern industry solutions that are clean, quiet and oil-free and highly flexible for fast changes – a key factor in this booming industry.

Increase operator efficiency and production capacity

A challenge when designing assembly lines is how to optimise the production flow based on the mix of different bicycle types to be produced (road bike, MTB, e-bike etc.), as well as the variation in assembly times. In the end, it’s about maximising operator efficiency by reducing wastes such as waiting times and other non-value added activities.

Another important part of the production flow design is how all needed components are made available for the operator. Should it be supplied to individual workstations, kitted in the warehouse or perhaps a combination? With extensive experience from designing assembly lines in various industries, (especially within the global Automotive Industry), OCS has become an important partner when it comes to creating the most optimal bicycle assembly solution and line design for the industry.

High -end bicycle and e-bike production

Heiko Müller, CEO at Riese and Müller, the German manufacturer of premium bicycles, says the following about the assembly solutions:
- Our products stand for premium quality and sustainability and this means high-end production and partners who help us achieve these goals. With OCS we have a premium quality system and a reliable partner by our side.

Optimise valuable floorspace

Transformation from traditional floor-based assembly lines to an automated overhead solution will not only increase production capacity it will also improve the work environment.
The overhead conveyor frees up valuable floor space and allows the assembly team to work around the bikes in various angles. Operators can walk freely around the ergonomic workstations and the bike can be turned 360°, which means ideal working conditions for the employees.

Sustainability – a key factor

- We are working closely together with our customers to really understand their specific needs. Through implementation of our custom-made solutions, a number of our customers have doubled their production capacity. This, together with our common focus on sustainability, have made us an important partner among leading bicycle manufacturers in Europe, says Kenth Almqvist, CEO at OCS.

The conveyor technology provides:

Overhead conveyor:

  • Friction-driven
  • Low noise
  • Oil-free and clean
  • Modular and highly flexible to meet future demand
  • Allows full line accessibility for operators

Custom made carrier:

  • Gives full 360° bicycle accessibility
  • Height adjustable
  • With box for components and hooks for the wheels
  • Connection to saddle hole or frame

The bicycle market is highly dynamic and the mobility transformation the world is currently experiencing makes the shift to more efficient production necessary. The right line design with focus on operator efficiency and ergonomics will allow for substantial reduction in production costs.

This article is sponsored by OCS.