Racktime redesigns the original Snapit into Snapit 2.0

Racktime redesigns the original Snapit into Snapit 2.0

Snapit 2.0 is an important milestone for the racktime brand and is the starting point for a completely new design language for the racktime system carriers.

Of course, a system change is a big step, but further development requires this from time to time. The original Snapit has now been around for over 10 years and is firmly established in the bike market, which also means: over 10 million carriers are in circulation. During this period, the image of the bicycle has changed a lot. It is no longer a simple means of transportation, but has become a status symbol for many people.

For this reason, among others, the design language of a conventional bicycle has made great leaps. This has also increased the demands on the look of carriers, so that they do not look like a foreign body in the overall bike concept.

hebie snapit 2.0

Integration with Snapit 2.0

Given racktime's high standards, this new approach should be the core of the previous system. The design of new carriers makes it hard to tell whether they are system carriers or not as the system bridges are barley noticeable. The brand racktime is aware of the confidence in their products and want to reach a new level in terms of integration with Snapit 2.0. That is why the new generation has improved the system concept even more.

It is now even easier to use and operate via two contact points instead of four, without losing transport safety. The adapters now find their own way when 'threading' - this is totally practical when for example, a basket is heavily loaded and you can then quickly snap it into place without getting lame arms.

Range of accessories

The range of accessories is constantly expanding - once started with classic baskets in a variety of sizes, the portfolio of the traditional German brand today also includes various bags, travel boxes and crates. The designs are created in-house and the compant not only claims to follow trends, but also to set accents ourselves. Whether the fashion statement textile basket 'Agnetha' or the waterproof trunk bag 'Yves' - we have the right product for all occasions. And, of course, all this can be conveniently, quickly and safely attached to the Snapit 2.0 - carrier.

More comfort, known quality and attractive design - this is Snapit 2.0. All new carriers and accessories will be available on the market from autumn 2021.

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