Danish PentaLock waves goodbye to bike theft

Danish PentaLock waves goodbye to bike theft

Statistics show time after time that bike theft is becoming a major problem for bike owners all over the world. The problem affects both bike owners and sellers. Insurance companies are also affected since the cost for them adds up as well.

Therefore, a huge demand for a solution to stop bike theft altogether has arisen. The Danish company, PentaLock, has invented a solution that fights bike theft, which is fortunately soon something future bike owners will benefit from, as PentaLock will soon be seen on the streets.

The problem with bike theft

As there has been an increased focus on bike theft, it is commonly known that this has become a more extreme societal problem. This, even though companies are doing their best to create the most secure bike lock fitting to the needs of the bike owners: “The bike theft problem has not been solved yet. Instead, there has been an increase in e-bike theft, which is often more valuable to both the bike owner and the thief. Also, the bike owners have their own challenges with big chains and the need to buy more than just one lock. It is both frustrating to the bike owners, but also for the insurance companies, as it ultimately goes beyond as well.”

The solution is Danish

There is pressure on the bike manufacturers to solve a societal problem. Therefore, PentaLock has invented an innovative and disruptive solution that transforms a simple e-bike to a smart bike. The Danish bike lock producers create extra value and thus extra sales points to bike manufacturers, when they sell their bikes at the B2C market: “PentaLock makes safety of the bike to a user-friendly experience, which is both convenient and easy to handle for the bike owners with a wireless key fob. The high security entails that the anti-theft bike solution from Pentalock can stand alone, which means that the bike owner does not have to go out and buy more locks to feel safe. Moreover, the bike lock with an integrated alarm system is flexible to mount in  the manufacturing process, which benefits the bike companies even further.”

Inhouse experts

With a PentaLock integrated in your bike, you are guaranteed the highest service: “At PentaLock, we focus on strong capabilities by hiring high quality inhouse experts. We have a team of qualified inhouse experts, that ensure your business is serviced in the best possible way. In addition, our team offers the opportunity to customize to suit exactly your wishes. Thus, by having a PentaLock implemented, you will not only get a great product – you will get a lifetime value of full service.”

Units in production

Until now, PentaLock has received great response from the bike industry, since it provides a whole new and improved way of securing bikes. This also contributes to the fact that the lock has been approved by several insurance companies. Thus, it seems that PentaLock has great future prospects: “As our product has received great feedback, we have strong beliefs in the future. Furthermore, I can also reveal that the first units are in production. That means, we will soon see PentaLock on the street.”

Do you want to learn more about this product? You can find more information on the website of Pentalock, where it is also possible to book a demo. Pentalock will also be present at EuroBike, ready to meet up for potential, future partnerships. You can also contact the company directl via sales@pentalock.com.

This article is sponsored by PentaLock.