Fully Automatic Mechanical CVT Variator System for Bicycles

Fully Automatic Mechanical CVT Variator System for Bicycles

Peyman transmission is a fully automatic mechanical CVT variator system for all types of bicycles. It is an extraordinary and practical innovation with great features, design and advantages in ease of ride, for people of all ages and abilities. The system provides the most suitable gear combination for more delightful overall cycling experience.

Various bicycle gear systems have been made and are available in the market, but none function fully mechanically automatic. People still looking for products that work automatic and require much less effort of users. Therefore, a new high-performing automatic transmission system in the bicycle industry will certainly be a suitable product among consumers.

The most important advantage of Peyman transmission system is being fully mechanically automatic. This transmission, based on the cyclist’s power and weight, pedalling speed and slope of the road, provides the most efficient gear ratio to the cyclist, without the use of any electronic control unit (ECU) nor automatic shifters.

Most suitable gear combination

All cyclists start to lose their initial energy as they keep pedalling. This transmission provides the most suitable gear combination at any given time of the cycling experience. In fact, the gear system aligns itself with the cyclist, not the cyclist with the gear system.

Most children and some cyclists cannot make good use of the gear system on their bicycles; but Peyman transmission can end all this, thanks to being fully automatic.

By replacing their current transmission with a Payman system, racing cyclists will reach a higher speed in a shorter time, and this will significantly reduce competitions time. This is due to the high overdrive of Payman transmission (6 overdrive).


Another feature of this transmission is its adaptability. It can be installed on just about every bicycle, so there would be no need to purchase a particular bicycle to be compatible with Payman system. One can purchase the transmission system from a distributor, where it can be installed on their bicycle in less than 30 minutes, without any modifications to the bicycle frame.

New technologies are rapidly replacing the old ones – almost on a daily basis, proving this trend can happen again and again in the world. We believe Payman transmission with its many advantages is a good alternative to the existing gear systems, and a great leap forward in cycling technology.

Our target, more than commercialising and business aspects of this invention, is in ease of ride and having much more delightful overall experience for people of all ages and abilities in the world, and will achieve this important goal, with your cooperation.

Our company has come a long and arduous way and built a suitable prototype of it. To develop our product to perfection and present it to the market in the near future, we intend to team up with a company interested in. To make you, dear investors, more familiar with our product, please visit our website or contact us via office@peymancvt.co.uk.

This article is sponsored by Peyman.