Timyo: taking the next step

Timyo: taking the next step

Over the last few years, the international Timyo Group and its brands, Van Dijck, Keola and Muon, have gained a notable presence in the market. One reason for this impressive development is their innovative Kreutzer HyperShift drive unit, which will become even better in the future, as Timyo-CEO Steve Zhu said in an interview during the recent Velofollies show in Belgium. He also revealed that the company has big plans for its business structure.

Maximum control over all components as a foundation for maximum freedom in design has always been the philosophy of Timyo CEO Steve Zhu. This approach has proven to be successful, as a look at his company’s history reveals. Since its establishment in 2015, Timyo has evolved into an international player in the e-bike market, rapidly gaining recognition for producing high-performance, stylish electric bikes appealing to a broad range of users. Merging sleek design with practicality, the company’s brands – Van Dijck, Keola and Muon – have gained popularity among commuters, leisure cyclists, and fitness enthusiasts alike.

This was also evident at the recent Velofollies fair in Kortrijk, Belgium, where Timyo had a large booth in Hall 4. “Being responsible for as many components on our bikes as possible allows us to take control of the supply chain and specifications. And it also creates the basis for us to have significantly more freedom in our developments and to realise our innovative potential fully,” Zhu said in an interview on the first day of Velofollies 2024. “Many brands fail to stand out because they use identical components and are in fierce competition with each other. We aim to adopt a different approach,” he added.

Powerful and smart drive unit

In his statement, Zhu specifically addressed the e-bike’s drive unit. Unlike many other brands, Timyo doesn’t rely on major drive manufacturers; instead, the company boasts its own in-house engine: the Kreutzer HyperShift drive. This mid-motor provides an impressive torque of up to 110 Nm and includes an automated gear-shifting system and various smart features. The new Kreutzer HyperShift motor was only introduced to the public last October. “After the initial Kreutzer drives were produced together with an OEM partner, we’ve now moved to a completely self-developed model,” said Zhu. Excitingly, the platform will even support up to 110 Nm of torque in the future. Work on this new version is currently underway at full steam.

We had the chance to witness the Kreutzer HyperShift drive in action at the Velofollies fair, particularly on the Van Dijck Model Triton, a city e-bike with a sleek, fully integrated design featuring a 700 Wh battery, among other things. It also has an intuitive display that is easy to use and understand and designed to remain accessible while riding. An interesting fact for both dealers and consumers alike: Timyo has engineered the Kreutzer drive to deliver a drive unit with maximum torque and an emphasis on longevity. “To show our trust in this engine, we provide a 5-year warranty on all Kreutzer motors,” Zhu explained.

New business structure

The new Kreutzer HyperShift drive is one of many major endeavours at Timyo. Another project is the restructuring of the business model. To position themselves even more effectively for the future, the company is currently transforming its various brands into fully independent business units. At the same time, Timyo aims to support retailers further, offering them the chance to engage in a strengthened partnership through a shop-in-shop concept. Participating dealers are required to allocate 50 per cent of their store space to Timyo products. In return, they will receive numerous benefits “Retailers who join us in the shop-in-shop concept will receive premium support in different areas – for example when it comes to branding and marketing,” the CEO said.

From further developing the Kreutzer drive system to restructuring its business model and strengthening partnerships with its dealers, Timyo has big plans for the future. This demonstrates the company’s readiness to take the next step in its impressive evolution. For Zhu, this path is also a recipe for success in addressing the current situation in the bicycle industry, as he mentioned at the end of our interview at the Velofollies Show in Kortrijk: ‘I think it’s the year every brand has to rethink their strategy and get well-prepared for the moment when the market starts to pick up again.

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