LEADER 96: ready with 2022 e-bike collection

LEADER 96: ready with 2022 e-bike collection

With COVID-19 pandemic in place, wholesome innovation has seemingly slowed down in the world of e-mobility, and global manufacturing companies have been more focused on optimization and economic product solutions. LEADER 96 Ltd is following the trend, building on full customer satisfaction, indisputable quality and affordability being the main features of this year's collection of e-bikes.

LEADER 96 has achieved impressive growth during the last several years, producing more than 130,000 e-bikes in 2021 by June, which will reach 250,000 by the end of the year 2021. The production plan for 2022 is already finalized and orders are being taken for 2023. The investment is in line with the company’s plans to continue the strong development of its operations and further modernization of the facility buildings.

E-bike collection 2022

This year’s collection has three focus points: MTB, Gravel, and City / Trekking models.

For the first time, LEADER 96 is presenting an expanded collection of MTB models, with main focus on stability, efficiency and ride optimization. The MTB e-bikes are equipped with full suspension or hard tail, comfortable and versatile in wheel standard options – 27,5” or 29”. Battery capacity is ranging from 400 to 625Wh and the integrated motor is rear or central, depending on the models, overwhelmingly using BOSCH system. The frame is carefully selected from the popular demand of the market, and the high-quality components ensure safe and pleasurable ride.

Three focus points: MTB, Gravel, and City / Trekking models”

The freshly introduced Gravel models strictly follow the current market trends to close the gap between Road and MTB, with aerodynamic frame and 2 types of handlebars, one of which is generously borrowed from Road bicycles. Developed with 10 and 11 speed options to reduce resistance effect, and offered in the optimal 28”, the models GRVL 10 and GRVL 11 could as well be the best sellers of the whole collection. The integrated BAFANG power system is recognized as both affordable solution and excellent quality.

The City / Trekking collection, which is representing the basic strength of the company, this year is further enriched with both more advanced, and also more economic models. The various frame designs range from classic to modern, popular and authentic. The speed systems are offered in from 7 to 11 speeds and batteries from 400 to 500Wh. Variety of handlebars, stems and forks are present as final touch to the collection to attract the eye of the eager consumer.

Bicycle producer in Bulgaria

Founded in 1996, LEADER 96  has over quarter of century of experience in production and distribution of bicycles, at present fully focused on e-bikes. The company continuously invests in production and warehouse facilities, totaling to more than 40,000 sq. m., including painting shop, wheel production, engineering, internal bicycle testing laboratory and training center. Based near Plovdiv, the second biggest city in Bulgaria, and with motorway only few kilometers away, the factory is an impressive facility and a busy logistic center.

With 9 production lines, the factory capacity has reached 250,000 e-bikes per year, all according to European Quality Standards. Approximately 99% of the production is exported to Europe – Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, and others.

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