Leader Fox introduces new models with Panasonic motor

Leader Fox introduces new models with Panasonic motor
New models Leader Fox with Panasonic motor.

Based in Budweis, the Czech manufacturer of e-bikes, Leader Fox has been designing and preparing a production of all their models, assembly including, for the last 25 years. Their wide range includes trekking, cross, mountain bikes and since the year 2013, e-bikes as well.  The company produces around 50,000 bicycles and e-bikes a year distributed in the Czech Republic and across Europe.

New range of full suspension and mountain e-bikes

The South Bohemian manufacturer is launching a new range of full suspension and mountain e-bikes powered by a Panasonic GX Ultimate motor. Its powerful and silent performance guarantees your most enjoyable ride yet, where you will easily conquer even the most challenging trails.

The motor equipped with a torsion (pressure) sensor helps the control unit evaluate the force needed for the rider to pedal. Therefore, it regulates the engine power according to the assistance mode and adapts to your riding style. You can select from three assistance modes and an automatic mode.

The advantage of automatic mode is lower battery consumption during your cycling trips. The system also offers a WALK function, which you can activate with a simple button push for a steep terrain ride. With a weight of 2.9 kg, it can reach torque up to 90 Nm and a maximum power output of 600 watts.

Panasonic LCD display with control

The motor system is controlled via an LCD and a push-button control located on the handlebars. This clear Panasonic display will inform you about the average and maximum speed and the number of kilometres driven overall and during the current ride. Another cleverly done feature of this LCD is the backlight for better readability in the dark. The degree of coverage is IP65.

The new engine is fitted on full suspension mountain e-bikes and E-Fatbikes.

Models Ayra with 29" wheels with travel and model Arran with a variation of 27" and 29" wheels are currently the top choice of the entire range of e-bikes. E-bikes boast a fully integrated frame battery with a capacity of 20Ah. Leader Fox chose the front and rear suspension from brand Manitou with which they have been working for several years. There is also a telescopic seat post with a stroke of 100 mm. Travel for 27,5" – 130 x 120 mm, travel for 29"- 130 x 125 mm.


E-fatbike Brasa

These are the top-rated models especially in coastal and northern countries. Its advantages are 4 " wide tires from manufacture CST thanks to which snowy forest trails or sandy beaches are comfortable to ride. A front suspension fork complements the new fat bike model.

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