PowUnity’s IoT-System: 'E-bike development happens as close as possible to customer'

E-bike connectivity is an area that is revolutionising the bike industry at a rapid pace. With the 2nd generation of the BikeTrax tracking system, PowUnity will take e-bike communication a decisive step forward in 2022.

“For an e-biker, sooner or later theft is the biggest pain point – especially if the bike is worth several thousand euros,” says Stefan Sinnegger, CEO of PowUnity. The Connected Cycle company, located in Innsbruck, has been developing the GPS tracking system BikeTrax since 2018. BikeTrax is a reliable and smart e-bike theft protection for e-bikers.

Safe and simple

The GPS tracking system is safe and simple at the same time. The hardware, a GPS tracker, is hidden in the bike and connected to the associated GPS software – the PowUnity app. It records every meter and notices the slightest unauthorised movement – Europe-wide and in real-time. In case of theft, the e-biker is immediately informed by a motion alarm and a push notification in the app. It is impossible to imagine the market without the security standard for high-quality electric bicycles. Every week, four to five bikes are recovered with the help of the GPS tracker.

More than theft protection

“But an integrated IoT application for e-bikes that is connected to a smartphone 24/7 can be much more than theft protection,” Stefan Sinnegger explains. The 2nd BikeTrax generation, which PowUnity will launch in 2022, will bring additional opportunities and advancements for manufacturers. The 2nd BikeTrax generation will be available with a Canbus connection and a Bluetooth Low Energy module. With BikeTrax connected to the e-bike’s data system, even more communication options will be unlocked on the e-bike.

“It’s mainly young and fast-growing companies like us that we work with. They know how important a connected-e-bike strategy is in the bicycle market,” explains Stefan Sinnegger. “And they can do it together with a partner who already knows the market. We give manufacturers the chance to develop their e-bikes as close to the customer as possible.”

Manufacturers know that. HoheAcht from Germany, for example, builds the BikeTrax GPS tracking system into 100% of its e-bikes ex works. Manufacturers such as MATE.bike from Copenhagen and cargo bike manufacturer Seaside Cycles from Malmö also offer their customers the PowUnity tracking system and use the PowUnity GPS software in their co-branded app.

This article is sponsored by PowUnity.

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