Urban e-mobility 2022 from Leader 96: Three key models

Urban e-mobility 2022 from Leader 96: Three key models

The years 2020-2021 have definitely changed our cities, and for the better. The current shift is influenced by strong factors: policies related to total reduction of CO2 emissions, continuous development of infrastructure for bicycles and the changing attitudes of the population towards improving the way of life, with more mobility and savings. Leader 96 is following the trend, with emphasis on offering the most comfortable urban e-bike models for 2022.

Leader 96 has surpassed the number of 200,000 e-bikes for 2021 and at present is focusing on facility modernisation, effective supply chain management and strict quality control, in order to cover the requirements of the ever-growing number of customers. While ardently working on all existing e-bike product lines, the company is busy offering models oriented specifically towards the urban environment, with a variety of looks, technical characteristics and overall performance.

Leader urban e-bike models

Leader’s city, trekking and folding e-bikes bring ease to urban life and make travelling across the city effortless. The offered models are designed by highly-skilled engineers and tested in an internal laboratory, with most of the constructions being used continuously and proven to be consumers preferred choice. Easily customized and monitored on every step of the development, these are not just products but a way of life, and a healthy one at that.

Here are three featured Leader 96 models, all being at the top of their game:

FAT FOLDO 7 is an elegant, ergonomic and compact solution for daily city traffic. With stable and resisting tires with extra protection from punctures, it provides additional comfort for its users. The bike is equipped with Shimano Tourney 7 Speed gear, which lends more power in uphill journeys. We included front and rear fenders to protect from road dust and mud, and the spoke reflectors give marked appearance on the road. The bike is available with suspension or rigid fork. The folding mechanism is safe and comfortable to pack even in small storage spaces. The newest Ananda motor M150 is combined with 10,4 Amh 374,4 Wh Greenway battery for highest performance and durability. The battery is neatly integrated in the tube and kept safe when the e-bike is folded and stored in the boot of the car.

E-PAVE 11L for ladies and 11H for men represent the strength of the company in City and  Trekking e-models. Elegant and slim, this e-bike is definitely for connoisseurs. The frame is carefully selected to meet customer’s most demanding expectations, with wheels 28” and a suspension fork to reduce discomfort from bumpy roads. The integrated Bosch battery capacity is 500Wh, and the motor model is Performance Line Gen4, proven to be top performing for years now. Shimano speed system offers 11 speeds to provide an easy and effortless ride, no matter the environment and landscapes. The main focus is on stability, comfort and eye-pleasing design. Popular, authentic and modern, the E-PAVE models are the top choices from the Leader portfolio.

MOTION 7 CITY is a unisex city model, finely equipped for excellent urban performance. The ergonomic frame, with 28” wheels, perfectly matches the selected suspension fork Zoom. The integrated battery is economic type 400Wh and is combined with Bosch Active Line Gen3 motor. The Shimano speed system Nexus 7 Coaster, allowing 7 speeds, ensures optimal support in various landscapes and sceneries. The hydraulic rim brakes from Magura help achieve total control from the rider, and therefore blissful comfort, while the fenders attached to the wheels deliver precious protection from impurities on the road. The Purion LED screen is neatly situated on the left, in front of the eyes. The e-bike is also equipped with luggage carrier fixed together with the mudguards, and a kickstand. This is without a doubt the preferred model for large cities with heavy traffic, due to its ergonomics and stability.

Bicycle producer in Bulgaria

There is a big surprise awaiting for Leader’s customers in 2022, which has been cooking for a while. It can only be suggested that the expected change is in the design field. Given the history of the company, the shift will only be for the better.

Founded in 1996, Leader 96  has over a quarter of century of experience in production and distribution of bicycles, at present fully focused on e-bikes. The company continuously invests in production and warehouse facilities, totalling more than 40,000 square metres, including painting shop, wheel production, engineering, internal bicycle testing laboratory and training centre. Based near Plovdiv, the second biggest city in Bulgaria, and with a motorway only a few kilometres away, the factory is an impressive facility and a busy logistic centre.

With new production lines, the factory capacity has reached 250,000 e-bikes per year, all according to European Quality Standards. Approximately 99% of the production is exported to Europe – Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, and others.

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