Contec's new Shop System boosts impulse buys - how?

Contec's new Shop System boosts impulse buys - how?

Presenting merchandise effectively is just as essential for sales success as good components are. That's why Contec, a supplier of spare parts and accessories for all types of cyclists, has put a lot of thought into its new Shop System. It creates an inviting atmosphere which encourages impulse buys and increases cross-selling without requiring a lot of sales effort. The Shop System is carefully aligned with Contec's brand image.

The contrasting background colour of the Shop System powerfully highlights the products. Additionally, the system catches the eye and draws customers in, which increases the likelihood of impulse buys. The system works with commonplace slat walls and comprises three elements: a wall display, a gondola and a movable display case.

Wall display

When developing the wall display, Contec used its previous model as its starting point. Among the most important things that have been optimised are the illuminated signs and logo displays at the top of each wall segment. Besides a premium version with a backlit logo and lifestyle banners, Contec also offers a standard version without lighting. This was a deliberate choice, not necessarily to keep costs down, but to ensure that there is an option that fits in stores with lower ceilings – because the premium version requires a ceiling height of 2.70 metres. It can sometimes be challenging to fit wall displays neatly into corners, but Contec offers a suitable solution for this, which is also in the Contec colours for a great overall visual effect. If there is enough room in the store, there is also an option to integrate a lifestyle banner into the display. The banner creates an extra dynamic in the store, helps to attract attention and therefore drives sales. Retailers can ask for more information about this option.

Gondola and display case

The gondola (1.40 metres high) is a new feature which is particularly useful when wall space is limited, since it enables more articles to be displayed centrally in a store without obstructing sightlines. Gondolas are modular and can be assembled into a variety of shapes, such as straight or T-shaped. Another element in the Shop System is the movable display case, which is a successful way of highlighting unusual or seasonal products. Moreover, the display case can support upselling by presenting related products together.

Key role

Contec Sales Managers (CSMs) are happy to explain the Shop System to retailers as well as to advise on the best options for each store and/or product range. Contec has a team of three CSMs supporting dealers in the Netherlands and Belgium. “Our CSMs are usually your first point of contact if you are planning to restyle your shop or open a new store,” says Christopher Müllenhof of Contec. “Cycling spare parts and accessories play a significant role in generating additional revenue through impulse buys. This is the key to increasing cross-selling. Compared to selling complete bikes, it takes much less time and sales effort to stimulate impulse buys.”

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