'Become the leading battery supplier in micro mobility'

'Become the leading battery supplier in micro mobility'
We are pleased with the high demand and the numerous pre-orders”, says Daniel Maiberger, CEO of Akku Vision GmbH.

Akku Vision GmbH is a prominent player when it comes to supplying replacement batteries for e-bikes. However, the German company is also increasingly focusing on OEM products. With the market growing and expanding enormously, coupled with challenges in the supply chain, Akku Vision GmbH is investing in its facilities in Europe.

Akku Vision GmbH was founded in 2011, initially to supply the market with replacement batteries for e-bikes. A rebranding took place in 2020. In addition, Akku Vision GmbH moved to a new location in Haibach in the vicinity of Frankfurt.

Since then, the company has continued to supply replacement batteries for established systems under the E-Bike Vision brand (for the aftermarket), but is also focusing more strongly on supplying batteries to drive and e-bike manufacturers.

Akku Vision GmbH as OEM supplier

In this way, Akku Vision GmbH is increasingly establishing itself as an OEM supplier. “We offer replacement batteries for the most common drive systems, which we constantly adapt to current technical requirements so that we can offer our customers the greatest range and the safest battery.

We are pleased with the high demand and the numerous pre-orders”

Currently, we are concentrating on the production of our EBV E-Bike InFrame battery. This is compatible with the Bosch Active (+) and Bosch Performance (CX) drive systems. We are pleased with the high demand and the numerous pre-orders,” says Daniel Maiberger, CEO of Akku Vision GmbH. “Distribution takes place via long-term partners, from large online shops to all specialist dealers in Europe. Dealers can easily purchase our batteries through our B2B online shop.”

Advantages over industry competitors

For years, Akku Vision GmbH has been able to compete well with traditional suppliers from Asia. Maiberger, who graduated as an industrial engineer from the University of Applied Sciences in Aschaffenburg in 2006, sees that his company offers some serious advantages over industry competitors. “We have our own development department at a central location in Germany. We are very close to our customers, thus offering short communication channels, fast development times and the best possible response times to the fluctuating demands of our customers.”

The battery industry will face the challenge of continuing to meet the constantly growing demand for mobile energy supply”

Mobile energy supply

Maiberger explains that the focus of Akku Vision GmbH has always been on supplying products with the highest energy density and thus the largest range, as well as with the smallest housing dimensions. For the coming years, the company foresees even more important developments. “In addition to introducing new technologies with higher energy density and shorter charging times to meet customer needs, the battery industry will face the challenge of continuing to meet the constantly growing demand for mobile energy supply,” says Maiberger.


“The market is growing faster than supply. This will only turn around in five to six years when the gigafactories in Europe have become operational.” Akku Vision GmbH is working every day to anticipate this. “We are investing and will continue to invest in our facilities and qualified employees. In addition, we will further expand our in order to be able to offer our customers the fastest possible response time,” says Maiberger.

“Of course, we will also optimise our existing products and take into account the necessary requirements for new developments to keep production automated. If we look back at the development of Akku Vision GmbH so far, in which we have developed from a small supplier of replacement e-bike batteries to an industrial company, the growth will further accelerate in the next five years. The demand for batteries developed and manufactured in Europe will drive our growth.”

Foothold in the world of micromobility

The German company is growing as an OEM supplier in the e-bike market. Meanwhile, the company is preparing to gain a foothold in the world of micromobility. “With our Bespoke Battery Concept, we offer our OEM customers a complete solution of an Intube battery up to 864 Wh in the future and the corresponding peripherals. At the moment the focus is actually on the power supply for e-bikes, but in th future we will expand our portfolio to other areas. Our goal for the future is to become the leading supplier of battery systems in the field of micro-electromobility.”

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