Mando Pedalrite: A perfect solution for the last mile

Mando Pedalrite: A perfect solution for the last mile

Mando's new series hybrid drive system, the Mando Pedalrite, gives electric vehicles and e-cargo bikes a technological edge. An example is the collaboration with the Spanish company Scoobic. Consumers order more products online and expect faster deliveries - there has never been a time of greater change for the 'last mile' than now. The demand for e-commerce delivery will result in more delivery vehicles in inner cities, leading to a rise in both emissions and traffic congestion without effective intervention. This is one of several reasons why Mando Corporation made its grand entry into the bicycle industry 10 years ago.

After the Mando Footloose, the world’s first chainless e-bike, the company now presents a revolutionary technology that addresses what is essential for reducing pollution in cities: a system that increases the functionality of heavyduty e-cargo bikes and people carriers. This makes emission-free deliveries even more attractive for both companies and consumers.

The Mando Pedalrite is a powerful chainless drive system designed primarily for electric cargo vehicles. It provides manufacturers with an integrated e-Mobility Module platform that consists of ePedal (alternator), electric motor, battery, wire harness and HMI+HBC. A large number of manufacturers are currently in pilot-testing or already in series production.

Collaboration with Scoobic

An example of how efficient Mando’s chainless drive system is, is the collaboration with the Spanish company, Scoobic, a producer of "last-mile electric vehicles profitable for companies and sustainable for the planet". Sergio Gonzalez, general manager at Scoobic, explains that in Spain, it will become increasingly difficult to enter the inner areas of cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants with traditional vehicles due to regulations. “And other European countries are following. That’s why we need alternatives.” More than 50 international delivery-sector companies have already piloted and incorporated the Spanish e-vehicles in their fleet, including companies like Amazon, Heineken, La Poste (French Post) and Correos (Spain Post).

The ‘Bio Cargo’

Currently, the company is pilot-testing its next generation e-cargo bike – the ‘Bio Cargo’ which also includes the Mando chainless drive system. “Our ‘Bio Cargo’ wants to offer the best solution for deliveries – from packages to beer barrels,” Gonzalez says, and refers to the technical characteristics that made the Mando Pedalrite the number one choice for Scoobic’s new model: a lower total cost of ownership thanks to significantly reduced maintenance, superior reliability and a more ergonomic ride feeling.

“The system offers us maximum performance in terms of power and torque to move the kilos quickly and safely, but always within the legal scope of the EPAC (Electrically power-assisted cycles),” Gonzalez says. “Another big advantage is, of course, the minimum amount of maintenance for a vehicle that will be on the road for two or three shifts a day, thanks to its swappable batteries. Additionally, not having a chain is another big advantage of the Mando system. That extends the maintenance period up to once a year.”

Expansion on the horizon

According to Gonzalez, Mando is the ideal technology partner. “At the beginning we were in contact with many leading players in the market, but both the technical knowledge and the personal atmosphere at Mando, combined with their understanding of our project and vision, made the decision easy. We have been working with Mando since the first sketches of our ‘Bio Cargo’ and the collaboration has been extraordinary,” Gonzalez says. Scoobic could expand to more international markets soon, Gonzalez hints. Indeed, the demand for zero-emission vehicles in cities is growing fast, and companies like Scoobic with their vehicles and Mando with their new chainless drive system can meet that demand.

Mando’s series hybrid drive system, the Mando Pedalrite, made its official debut at Eurobike this year. Five test vehicles were introduced: CitKar, BAYK, B&P engineering, Hopper and ECCOV. And with great success. Visitors were able to test drive the vehicles at the outdoor booth, and everyone was impressed by the natural, intuitive pedal feeling and simplicity. That was before they even found out that the drive system was chainless.

This article is sponsored by Mando Corporation.