Mivice − more than just another engine supplier (what else?)

Mivice − more than just another engine supplier (what else?)

For many people, the name Mivice is still more or less unknown. But this newcomer has already been able to attract plenty of attention since its foundation.

Mivice is a globally active, registered brand of M&S Trading based in the city of Ningbo, China. The brand was founded in 2017 and is thus still a fairly new provider of innovative e-drive systems in the bike sector. It has more than 25 years experience in the development and production of drives, including 7 years in a joint venture with a well-known German drive manufacturer.

Mivice's headquarters in Ningbo, China.
Mivice's headquarters in Ningbo, China.

According to its founder Tony Luo, the company aspires to offer everyone worldwide the Mivice drive system at the best quality and an affordable price. To ensure this, the company maintains the highest standards with regard to production and quality assurance.

R&D at Mivice

Mivice invests continuously in the development of its products, both in terms of quality and quantity. More than 65 patents have been filed since the company was founded, and over 30% of its staff are employed in the R&D division. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to R&D, but also the high percentage of automation processes in its production, with the lowest possible level of personnel. This means that errors are minimised.

Within the company, almost all test processes are carried out independently in order to meet our high standards. Motor performance measurements, temperature and humidity tests, service life tests and noise measurements are all carried out in house. Nevertheless, people are naturally the heart of the company.

Riding technology

Our products are put to the ultimate test in practice. This is why the Mivice R&D Experience Team was founded. Its members test our products in practice over countless kilometres as well as altitude metres and regularly pass on their feedback to the development division.

Production standards

The production of most items is carried out at the company’s own premises or is managed externally in close collaboration with the respective division. Production of motors, sensors and controllers is all carried out in the company’s own manufacturing facilities. Displays have been produced externally since 2022, but under the company’s own management. Only the batteries are produced in cooperation with external partners, but the company is aiming to launch a complete system with its own batteries very soon.

Motors: The core range

Naturally, the core range consists of engines. Mivice is broadly positioned in this area, without getting bogged down in the products. The company offers different rear wheel drive systems of the model series M070-M090. These are light, powerful and very sensitively controlled systems that are very popular on the market, such as the M080 engine which has just won the prestigious Design & Innovation Award at its first participation. A front wheel drive and a strong mid-engine with a maximum power of over 100 Nm are also part of the portfolio.

The production and Asian headquarters including the administration division are based in Ningbo; the R&D division is located in Shenzhen. A great deal of investment has taken place there in recent years and the company has moved to new premises in order to better meet the growing demands of its own requirements and those of its customers. A new office, specialised in software development has been opened last year in Wuhan.

Globally growing brand

Mivice sees itself as a global company with a very robust growth, so it was logical to position itself accordingly outside the home market. In 2022, it established its European headquarters in Bamberg, Germany. All international sales, marketing and service activities are done from here, and some of the product management team are also located here.

Horst Schuster, head of the team in Bamberg.
Horst Schuster, head of the team in Bamberg.

The team in Bamberg is headed by CEO Horst Schuster. With his many years of experience in e-mobility, for example at Brose eBike, Hyena Inc. and A2B Bikes, Schuster is the right person to manage and implement the international growth of the brand. With Steffen Krill as Marketing Director, Mivice engaged yet another very experienced manager. He has proven his expertise with brands like BH Bikes, BMC Switzerland as well as at Derby Cycle with the brands Focus and Kalkhoff. The two managers form the core of a constantly growing team at the European headquarters.

Mivice has over 180 employees located outside of China, and this number is increasing. The course has been set for further growth and you will certainly be seeing and hearing a lot from Mivice in the near future.

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