BMZ introduces V10 battery: ‘Designed with durability in mind’

BMZ introduces V10 battery: ‘Designed with durability in mind’

With the V10, BMZ group launches an innovative battery that combines pioneering capacity with innovative design. The V10 battery is created for every type of e-biker: from adventurous e-mountain bikers to e-trekking bikers. It can even be used for e-cargo transports. Take a closer look at the advantages of the most powerful e-bike battery on the market.

Battery technology made rapid progress in recent years. This is one of the reasons why e-bikes are increasingly popular. With ranges of up to 200 km and more, e-bikes equipped with a V10 battery can be used for the daily commute to work or for family trips. The motors support pedaling at speeds of up to 25 km/h. E-bikes are just as versatile as conventional bicycles. There are city bikes, trekking bikes and mountain bikes.

Growing environmental awareness

Another reason for the increasing popularity of e-bikes is the growing environmental awareness among the population. The V10 e-bike battery is environmentally friendly, with a high energy efficiency that reduces waste and lowers the carbon footprint. German engineers developed the high-quality BMZ battery and it is produced in Poland. This country has the advantage of short transport routes within Europe.

V10 battery: Plug & Play

The V10 e-bike battery features cutting-edge technology that will take the riding experience to the next level. With a powerful and long-lasting charge, rides are possible without worrying about running out of power. And thanks to its lightweight design, you will not even notice the extra weight on your bike. Thanks to the minimal installation space the battery with its cover only weighs 3.950 gram. The adaptive design enables a versatile use of the battery. In addition, the battery is compatible for a wide range of drive systems.

It is available in the 36 volt and 48 volt variant and the perfect solution for those seeking long-lasting power on their rides. With 725 Watt the V10 battery is the most efficient e-bike battery on the market. The battery is certified according to IEC 62133, the most important standard for rechargeable cells and batteries.


CEO and founder of the BMZ Group, Sven Bauer says: “We designed our battery with durability in mind. We used high-quality materials and equipped the battery with advanced safety features. Customers can be confident that our e-bike battery will provide a reliable and safe power source for their cycling needs.”

Top insert and bottom insert

With its easy-to-install intube design in aluminium housing, our battery can be quickly and effortlessly added to your bike, so you can be up and running in no time. Top insert and bottom insert are both possible and open mold downtube is available as well.

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