OLI ebike systems introduces new drive unit and user interface

OLI ebike systems introduces new drive unit and user interface

OLI ebike systems introduces the EDGE and MOVE-N drive units, which fit some of the most diffused motor brackets in the industry. OLI also boast the new RING VISION interface.

"If we look at the European market, we still see a diffused use of Bosch Active Line motor brackets," according to the company. "We therefore decided to revamp the design of the OLI MOVE drive unit. The updates do not only concern aesthetics. We also unified components with the rest of the line. The result is a reliable, good-looking and competitively priced drive system that suits most brands looking to enter new markets."


Full range of drive units

Motors above 250W are gaining importance, because specific markets and applications require these. OLI introduces a full range of drive units at 350W, 500W and 1KW. With increasing demand in professional use, and a strong emphasis on micro-mobility, offering stronger drive units is a logical decision for OLI.



RING VISION is a new user interface which is easy to use and has a minimalistic design. Three buttons control all of the system’s features: on/off, level of assistance, light management, walk mode and bluetooth, which enables connection to GPS, a bike computer or smartwatch. RING VISION offers ergonomics and easy integration.

Drive systems for every category

OLI and their strategic partners can offer complete drive systems for every category without increasing the complexity of the frame’s design. OLI also closely works together with their partners to shape performance and features. For example, Olympia features a full custom set of configurations on their newly released eMTB range.

Strengthening our production and service network

With more than 85.000 units sold globally in 2022, OLI has the intention of expanding operations by strengthening our production and service network. "As does every tear 1 supplier in the industry, we see that our customers have high stocks. The current situation required some rescheduling with our partners, but it is the best time to onboard new customers, as we have less pressure on production."

Reshoring: opportunity for OLI

There is a tendency towards reshoring in Europe, which is another great opportunity for OLI as the company produces with two lines in Italy. This offers them more flexibility, shorter lead times and an adaptable production schedule. OLI also has a manufacturing facility in China, that can supply directly to local or international assemblers.

OLI will be present at Eurobike 2023 at the H08 G28 stand.

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