Darfon Energy Technology's new EU battery factory: Made in Europe

Darfon Energy Technology's new EU battery factory: Made in Europe

In response to the rapid growth of the e-bike market and to fulfill short-chain requirements, Darfon Energy Technology announced plans to open a new EU battery factory in Cvrcovice, Czech Republic at the Eurobike show last year.

The first automated production line has been successfully set up for a pilot run in June 2023. Starting from 2024, the new factory has a capacity of up to 300,000 sets per year. It is anticipated to deliver increased value and advantages to customers, including enhanced flexibility and a reduced logistical lead time.

Global Battery ODM/OEM service

Darfon Energy Technology is committed to offering reliable ODM/OEM solutions for batteries and chargers in e-bike and various eMobility applications. All aspects are handled  from in-house design and manufacturing. Their production facilities are strategically situated in Czech, Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. Moreover, they have sales and technical service centers located in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, the USA, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and China. These facilities are provided to ensure that customers receive timely services and solutions with local contacts in the same time zone.

Next generation battery

Darfon Energy Technology will showcase a comprehensive line-up of the latest 21700 new generation battery series at the 2023 Eurobike event. This includes batteries ranging from 209Wh to 835Wh, as well as additional batteries that are compatible with the newest Shimano and various motor platforms. These batteries feature 5.8Ah capacity and utilise next-generation battery cell technologies.

The 418Wh E-bike battery, known for its compactness and lightweight nature, weighs less than 1.9kg. Its small size contributes to the e-bike's sleek and elegant appearance. The 835Wh battery combines high capacity with a compact 410mm length, making it seamlessly integrate into e-bikes of any size without compromising the overall design. Additionally, the 209Wh range extender battery features a design that simplifies its installation on the tube.

Charging solutions

The 48V 1.4KWh 'super high-capacity' battery caters to a wide range of e-bike applications, including cargo bikes, by offering substantial power and endurance. Additionally, Darfon Energy Technology is planning to introduce a range of innovative charging solutions, including fast-charging, long-lift-switch chargers, and GAN (Gallium Nitride) charging solutions. These chargers will offer efficient and rapid charging capabilities, a compact size, and extended lifespan for the batteries. 

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