Celebrating a decade of Fazua

Celebrating a decade of Fazua

E-mtb pioneer Fazua, based in Ottobrunn near Munich, Germany, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. During Eurobike the drive train manufacturer presents its latest novelty: the Fazua Ride 60 drive unit.

For the last ten years, Fazua has been energising the e-bike market with innovative drive systems and concepts for aesthetic, agile and light-weight e-bikes. The journey began in 2011, when Johannes Biechele conceived the idea for an elegant and minimalist drive system. In 2013, Biechele joined forces with his fellow students Fabian Reuter, Marcus Schlüter, Sebastian Boß and Philipp Kalläne to found Fazua and pursue his idea.

Downtube cover

Just two years later, the small start-up company unveiled a completely new concept, and in 2017 the Evation System hit the international e-bike stage. It was a minimalist drive system, combining motor and battery in one unit. Light-weight, slim and elegant, it integrated almost invisibly into the down tube. Unlike any other drive unit, it could be completely removed from the bike and replaced with a Downtube Cover, transforming the e-bike into a regular bicycle.


In April 2018, the team moved to their current offices in Ottobrunn and professionalised their operations. More and bigger industry names took notice, and sales kept rising. However, building a drive system brand from scratch requires considerable investments. From an early stage, investors and businesses supported the company, and the founders were able to secure a German federal business start-up grant under the EXIST program.

Brand relaunch

In 2021, Fazua's staff passed the 100 mark for the first time. A brand relaunch was rolled out and an improved version of the Evation system was unveiled to the public. The Ride 50 Trail/Street packed 10% more power at 6% less weight compared to its predecessor. This marked another significant step in the evolution of Fazua's drive units with the Ride 50 providing an even more natural riding experience.

Ride 60

In spring 2022, only one year later, Fazua launched the Ride 60, setting new standards in reduced weight, integrability and intuitive handling. The motor, gearbox and sensors combined weigh in at 1.96kg. Together with the battery, the Fazua Ride 60 reaches a weight of no more than 4.26kg, while still delivering powerful assistance with a torque of 60Nm. All components integrate seamlessly into the frame.

In August of that year, Fazua achieved another milestone by becoming a part of Porsche eBike Performance GmbH while retaining its design, development, and manufacturing operations at the Ottobrunn site.

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