Limotec: the specialist for seat posts

Limotec: the specialist for seat posts

The Limotec (Light Move Technology) brand has written a remarkable success story within a very short time. Founder and CEO Johnson Cho put together a team of ambitious specialists in 2017 to create new, smart solutions for the bicycle world.

Production began in 2018 in the company's own production facility in Taiwan. One year later, Limotec secured the first Eurobike Award for its A3 seat post. In the meantime, the company has become one of the leading Taiwanese manufacturers of aluminium frames and seat posts, works with many well-known brands and also sells its components directly to end customers.

New products

At Eurobike 2023, Limotec will be launching numerous new products, including a new, innovative e-trike, which directly won the Eurobike Award. Safety in urban use is the top priority. The tiltable chassis with variable platform improves the riding characteristics. With the help of the chassis control system, the tilting movements of the e-trike can be controlled well, even when standing. This makes it easy to stow children, pets or goods. With the help of a well thought-out platform design, different superstructures can be used (e.g. child seats, boxes). The modular design separates front, transmission and rear. It facilitates transport and manufacturing, makes individual use possible and thus reduces the owners' carbon footprint.

Dropper seatpost

Limotec also has some news up its sleeve in the seatpost segment, such as the user-friendly E1 e-dropper seatpost. In terms of price-performance ratio, it can hardly be beaten and its response time (valve opening in less than 1 second) is unparalleled on the market. The seat post is wireless, reliable and easy to mount.

It also is the first e-dropper with a height memory function. In addition to the standard full height adjustment (maximum 200 mm stroke), it allows users to save two additional preferred seating positions and recall them at any time at the touch of a button.

Environmental awareness

At the same time, attention is paid to environmental awareness: This dropper seatpost is battery-free when mounted on an e-bike. As soon as the E-System is activated, the E-Dropper is available.

The H1 seatpost is also new and height-adjustable. It thus meets the needs of riders in different size ranges. With its innovative design and user-friendly features, the H1 provides a comfortable and personalised riding experience. Another feature of H1 is the tool-free pre-adjustment, which allows riders to effortlessly adjust the seatpost's lift height to their desired position, reducing the need for complicated adjustments.

This project was realised in close cooperation with the internationally renowned brand Merida. The H1 seatposts are used on the 2024 Merida One-Sixty & One-Forty models under the name Merida Team TR II.

This article is sponsored by Limotec.