Goodyear making significant strides in bicycle segment

Goodyear making significant strides in bicycle segment

Goodyear is expanding its presence in the bicycle tyre industry with a manufacturing facility in Taiwan and a focus on OEM partnerships. Through a licensing collaboration with Rubber Kinetics Corp., Goodyear Bicycle Tires is becoming a leading brand in the global bicycle tyre segment.

In Nantou, Taiwan, Goodyear Bicycle Tires' facility comprises three plants equipped with advanced machinery for designing, developing, and manufacturing bicycle tyres. Plant 1 is responsible for rubber and casing preparation, compound development, and laboratory testing. Plant 2 focuses on cutting tyre casings, constructing tyres on building drums, and vulcanising them in curing presses. The third factory handles packaging and shipping. All three plants are located within a few kilometres of each other to better ensure efficiencies.

Greener future

Goodyear's factories employ cutting-edge, specialized machinery for bicycle tyre production, leading to lower emissions compared to the industry average. They recycle all the water and steam from their curing machines allowing them to reduce their overall water consumption by 70% and energy consumption by 60%. The company is dedicated to continuously improving energy efficiency and sustainability, with the goal of becoming the world's most environmentally friendly bicycle tyre manufacturer.

Quality control

The company produces their full range across the 3 Nantou plants and ensures quality through visual inspections of all tyres produced. They offer a wide range of bicycle tyres, including road, gravel, MTB and commuter.The ISO-9001certified facilities support OEM partnerships with global bicycle brands and continue to grow its distribution network in 53 countries.

Strategic partnerships

In addition to partnering with global bicycle brands, Goodyear leverages its extensive network of teams, athletes, and ambassadors to develop class-leading tyres in each category they participate in. By overseeing the entire research, development, and production process, Goodyear can gather feedback from their test riders on products under development and promptly incorporate updates to tread, compound, and casing to meet the rigorous demands of these riders.

The updates undergo rigorous validation in the laboratory before undergoing extensive real-world testing by renowned athletes and teams such as Team Human Powered Health, Sam Pilgrim, Matt Jones, Caleb Bottcher, Olly Wilkins, and Conor Macfarlane. Only the products that successfully meet the testing team's requirements are made available to consumers.

Goodyear bicycle tire facility


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