Circular e-bike battery: Safety that comes with durability and sustainability

Circular e-bike battery: Safety that comes with durability and sustainability

As the popularity of e-bikes continues to surge, the importance of sustainable and efficient battery solutions becomes more obvious. When an e-bike battery breaks or starts to underperform, the standard approach has been dangerous repairs or complete replacement. However, with the introduction of the Cleantron Circular e-bike battery, a shift started. This battery is being developed in collaboration with VROEGH Design, a specialist in the design of micro-mobility.

E-bike batteries, commonly manufactured using materials like lithium and cobalt, raise concerns due to their environmental impact. The extraction and disposal of these metals are neither simple nor environmentally friendly processes. Recognising the need for more sustainable battery solutions, this collaborative effort aims to address the issues of battery repair, replacement and environmental impact, all at once.

Cleantron Circular

The innovation of the Cleantron Circular lies in its repairability, leading to a significantly longer battery lifespan, and through that limiting the need for newly mined metals. This achievement is rooted in an innovative design strategy. Firstly, the battery cells are organised into smaller collections called MetaCells. When a single cell underperforms, only the replacement of that specific cell is required. This approach offers a cost-effective and efficient solution, extending the lifetime without compromising on quality nor safety. 

“For this project, we have investigated various use cases and talked to a lot of end-consumers, also in the sharing market,” says Maurice van Giezen, Director at Cleantron. “We have discovered that various damages are caused by inexperienced users or misuse. The design of the Cleantron Circular makes it easy to use even for first-time users. It is impossible to insert the battery in the wrong way, and various safety mechanisms make it impossible for the battery to fall out or disconnect.”

Local bikes stores

While the Cleantron Circular is engineered to withstand impact, random damages could still occur. For these cases, Cleantron has strategically designed the most vulnerable components to be easily replaceable at local bike stores. For more complicated issues, like replacing a Metacell or Battery Management System (BMS), customers can rely on Cleantron or her European partners. This approach not only ensures the longevity of e-bike batteries but also minimises carbon emissions by avoiding the current practices of repair shipments to Asia. 

Split Battery Management System

In addition to its repairability, the Cleantron Circular is equipped with a split Battery Management System. This dual system divides safety and application. Both PCBA components are interchangeable, as they are not welded nor glued within the battery. The application BMS particularly can be exchanged to work with different e-drive brands while functional safety remains intact.

European standard regulations

Cleantron E-bike battery production implies the European standard regulations, EN 50604 to address their BMS and its safety aspects. In the context of batteries, this includes monitoring the charging, discharging, and general health of the battery. It works to assure safety by constantly monitoring factors such as voltage, current, and temperature, preventing overcharging, overheating, and other potentially dangerous situations that may threaten the battery's integrity and user safety.

The Cleantron Circular is compatible with different e-bike types: from city bikes, light cargo/family bikes to special needs bikes. It's available in both in-tube and on-tube variants and custom bike integration or additional functionalities are possible on request. 

This article is sponsored by Cleantron.