Taipei Cycle attendance confirmed: 900 exhibitors across 3400 booths

Taipei Cycle attendance confirmed: 900 exhibitors across 3400 booths

Celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2024, Taipei Cycle is expected to attract over 20,000 visitors with 3,400+ booths from 900+ exhibitors. From bicycles and ebikes, to components, accessories and the latest from the world of cargo bikes, TAIPEI CYCLE provides global brands, manufacturers, and innovators with the best gateway to Asia.

Taipei Cycle has announced that visitor pre-registration for its 2024 event is now open. Pre-registration is free of charge and will allow visitors entry into the show from 6-9 March 2024. 2023's exhibition saw 22,000 visitors and 4,200 international buyers from 81 countries meet 850 exhibitors across 3050 booths and this year, Taipei Cycle 2024 will build on previous key talking points, introducing four new themes: Micro-mobility, Culture and Lifestyle, Startup and Innovation, and Green Action.

Record scale of 3400 booths

In 2024, Taipei Cycle is set to be even bigger, with attendance confirmed from 900 exhibitors across 3400 booths. Leading brands such as Giant, Merida, Ideal Bikes, KMC, Darfon (BESV), Maxxis, KTM, Shimano, Sram and FSA will showcase their latest innovations. Visitors will experience the newest products through test rides, gain insights into current and future trends in the cycling industry, and discover an impressive selection of d&i award winners.

Inaugural open call for international investors and startup founders

To take advantage of Taiwan’s industry heritage and prowess in technology, Taipei Cycle is joining forces with Anchor Taiwan, a long-term innovation ecosystem builder to kick off the inaugural Bike Venture Program. This highly anticipated initiative will consist of the international Bike Venture Summit, Startup and Innovation Zone, and unparalleled opportunities to connect with global leaders, investors and entrepreneurs. Bike Venture is looking for startups, partners and new frontiers around the future of mobility, smart city, and lifestyle with a focus related to 2-wheelers, including but not limited to electrification, disruptive business models, digital transformation, ESG solutions, and other cutting edge technologies.

E-cycling unleashed: bridging thrills and technology at 2024 Taipei Cycle

E-cycling, also known as virtual cycling, represents a cutting-edge realm that combines the thrill of outdoor cycling with the convenience of indoor technology. Since its emergence during the pandemic, the popularity of e-cycling has remained high. Widely embraced by cyclists, this immersive realm isn't merely restricted to cycling training and esports competitions but has also been found indispensable in diverse sectors, notably tourism and fitness. With its expanding potential for application and adoption, the 2024 Taipei Cycle Show proudly presents its very first E-Cycling Area, showcasing the possibilities of e-cycling. Seize the chance and visit the E-Cycling Pavilion (Booth: R0432) at 2024 Taipei Cycle.

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