New Autorq products that will help brands to differentiate themselves on the market

New Autorq products that will help brands to differentiate themselves on the market

When talking about high-quality torque sensors in the e-bike industry, one name has particularly stood out in recent years: Autorq. At this year's Eurobike, the sensor specialist is taking the next step, demonstrating that the choice of torque sensors is not just a matter of quality but also of strategic brand importance.

In recent times, hub motor systems have been gaining significance in the e-bike market. This shift is due to several reasons: one is that hub motors allow for greater freedom in bicycle design. Another is the natural ride feel they provide. Moreover, the efficiency of hub motor systems is superior to that of mid-drive motors – especially when they are equipped with high-quality torque sensors.

“That’s why more and more brands are using hub motors to create innovative products to differentiate their brands, capturing a market hungry for lightweight bikes and bikes with a more authentic riding experience”, Joel Pinheiro confirms. He is a director at Autorq, an international company specialising in torque sensors.

Functionality that stands out in the market

In recent years, the company has established a reputation in the e-bike industry due to its high-quality products. Among other things, Autorq sensors are known for their reliability, a high-quality signal that allows for precise motor control, and a wide product range for various e-bike and e-bike motor types.

As stated in a previous article on Bike Europe, Autorq sensors are compatible with most frames and available for different bottom bracket widths (68-120 mm), bottom bracket standards (BSA and T47) and crank interfaces (ISIS and JIS cranks). It is therefore no surprise that internationally renowned e-bike brands rely on these products.

Our new products open up opportunities for creative and innovative e-bike designs and development.”
— Ying-Tsao Tan

“We have listened to the market feedback and have developed new products that allow e-bike brands to overcome obstacles in differentiating their e-bikes. These brands now have greater freedom in their bike design and specifications, as well as e-drive system development,” Pinheiro says.

Three new products at Eurobike 2024

Indeed, in a competitive e-bike market, advanced products are crucial for brands looking to differentiate themselves. An overview of the company’s latest innovations reveals how this approach can be achieved. The first new product is a higher torque sensing range, which they are introducing on the ISIS crank interface proTORQ model. According to Pinheiro, the new product features a 35 percent increase in torque sensor range, delivering a more natural riding experience, particularly on steep slopes.

The second innovation is the hubTORQ, which integrates directly within the hub motor. “This allows brands to specify a gearbox in the bottom bracket, where the torque sensor would normally be, as well as the use of high-end chainsets, which is a must-have for top brands,” Pinheiro says. Autorq founder Ying-Tsao Tan adds: “Our new products open up opportunities for creative and innovative e-bike designs and development – an important key for any company to distinguish their brands strategically.”

Even though bottom bracket torque sensors for hub motor systems remain the company's main product category, these technological advantages of high-quality torque sensors are also necessary for mid-drive motors. For this reason, it has also launched the kompakTORQ, a compact torque sensor for mid-motors. “kompakTORQ is our torque sensor in a ready-to-use compact form factor”, Ying-Tsao Tan explains, “This mid-drive torque sensor offers a seamless, accurate solution that allows mid-motor manufacturers to concentrate on refining other critical aspects of their technology."

Eurobike 2024

Ying-Tsao Tan hopes for many visitors at the Autorq stand at this year’s Eurobike (Hall 8.0, Booth I15 & Outdoor Area 11.0, Booth E07) to see and test the new sensors in real life. “We are excited to showcase our products and these innovations at Eurobike 2024. It is possibe to reserve a time slot (via and try the best ride feel. We would love to meet you and introduce you to our growing team.”

This article is sponsored by AUTORQ.