Turkish manufacturer expands its facility for battery and motor production

Turkish manufacturer expands its facility for battery and motor production

Due to the embargoes applied to China, European bicycle manufacturers turning to the domestic market for e-bike production might likely direct their attention to Turkey.

Korel, a company in Turkey manufacturing aluminium frames and bicycle parts, decided to increase its investments in the bicycle sector already in 2015. “As a result of the EU’s anti-dumping sanctions and measures that prevent China from entering the European market, there are export opportunities not only for European producers but also for Turkey,” says Ali Öztürk, factory manager of the bicycle department.

For the 2024 season, Korel is producing bicycles under the Corelli and Broster brands, manufacturing aluminium frames, decal labels used on these frames, handlebars, seat posts, rear carriers, and rims in its own facilities. “Our company, distinguished by this feature, aims to produce parts used in bicycle manufacturing domestically as Turkish origin products”, Öztürk explains. He emphasises that their company, which produces aluminium frames, handlebars, seat posts, rims, and rear carriers to meet the EU import regulations, pays special attention to ensuring that all e-bikes exported to Europe have EN-15194 certification.

Infrastructure and know-how

Especially during the pandemic Korel became a solution partner for many European manufacturers that weren’t able to source frames and other aluminium parts from their Far Eastern suppliers. The Turkish producer managed to deliver the desired quality level and in a short time. They have since continued to manufacture bicycles and aluminium frames under their own brands for many manufacturers.

Ali Öztürk, factory manager of the bicycle department
Ali Öztürk, factory manager of the bicycle department

"Following the increase in measures aimed at preventing the use of China-origin products in e-bike production, Korel has decided to invest in the production of electric bicycle batteries and motors,” Ali Öztürk says. He continues to explain that the company – which has been collaborating as a subcontractor with some of the world’s leading producers in the white goods, automotive, and defence industries since 1988 – has the capability to manufacture these parts at world standards, thanks to its infrastructure and know-how in the electrical and electronic fields.

New production facility

Öztürk adds that the construction of an additional 40,000 m2 high-security production facility, which will include battery and electric bicycle motor production, is expected to be completed by September this year: “For companies that pay attention to compliance with EU customs regulations, and the accuracy
of value and origin declarations in e-bike exports from Turkey to Europe, the EN 15194 certified bicycles produced in our facilities will be a significant alternative.”

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