TRP & Bosch: automatic transmission system for e-bikes unveiled

TRP & Bosch: automatic transmission system for e-bikes unveiled

Many bicycle experts believe that automatic shifting will be the next major technological revolution in cycling. Taiwanese component specialist TRP and German e-bike expert Bosch eBike Systems are making it happen. At Eurobike, they will present the TRP x Bosch eShift system to the world for the first time.

Ever since unveiling their TRP EVO mountain bike shifting group at the Taipei Cycle Show, it has been clear that TRP aims to compete among the shifting group manufacturers. At this year’s Eurobike, the high-performance brand of the Taiwanese component specialist Tektro will be taking the next step: together with Bosch eBike Systems, they present the new TRP x Bosch eShift system, a shifting system for e-bikes. The key feature: it shifts the bike to the right gear at the right time – entirely automatically.

“The fully electric shifting system independently selects the suitable gear and adjusts it to the unpredictable conditions of any route”, explains Thomas Lattke, managing director at the European subsidiary of Tektro, Tektro Europe.

The eShift is a transmission system that shifts the bike to the right gear at the right time – entirely automatically.”

Lattke mentions that all e-bikes equipped with Bosch e-bike drives are suitable for the new TRP x Bosch eShift system. “SUV e-bikes, urban e-bikes, trekking e-bikes, and even e-mountainbikes can benefit from our system. Simply set the desired cadence in the eBike Flow app or on the display, and eShift will automatically select the right gears."

"Together with Bosch, we have developed various versions for gear hubs and derailleur groupsets. They all have in common that the Bosch drive unit briefly cuts motor power during the shifting process – for smooth gear transitions," he continues. "The shifter offers perfect ergonomics and, due to the wireless communication, a very clean cockpit. The rear derailleur is connected by cable to run never out of power. And a dedicated service concept of both partners helps to satisfy the customer’s demand.”

Co-development by TRP and Bosch

The managing director also offers a glimpse into the collaboration of the two companies: in addition to the hardware, which is 100 percent manufactured by Tektro/TRP in its Taiwanese factory, the accompanying software comes from Bosch eBike Systems. “Both parties focus on their strengths and unleash their power by combining their core competencies. The focus is clearly on the word partnership, which is meant to create a product that presents the next level of e-shifting to the bike industry,” reports Lattke.

As an example, he mentions the various components of the eShift system, which are fully integrated into Bosch’s Smart System. “Because eShift is embedded in the smart system and fully connected, it shows you the current gear on the Bosch display or the eBike Flow app and provides helpful shifting recommendations.”

Bosch eBike Systems is delighted with the collaboration: “We work together with Tektro on the Bosch eBike ABS, by applying our ABS control algorithm and  ABS modes specifically to the Tektro and TRP brake systems. We wanted to build on this and further expand our technological partnership,” says Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems. “Our electrical shifting solution eShift was first shown in 2014. eShift offers many advantages. More comfort, more riding enjoyment and reduced material wear: e-bikers benefit from this technology in a wide range of applications – on the e-MTB as well as in the city. In cooperation with TRP, we are expanding the portfolio and integrate solutions for e-bikes with derailleur into the smart system for the first time.”

Available from end of September

In addition to the primary function of automatically shifting gears while riding, the new TRP x Bosch eShift system offers numerous other features – such as Auto Downshift. “When the route slows you down, the automatic system shifts to a gear that allows you to start up again effortlessly. And when you come to a stop, eShift automatically shifts into a starting gear. As soon as you continue your ride, the shifting solution provides optimal support to get you going again,” says Lattke, noting that the system is being showcased live at Eurobike (Hall 12.0 / B17). The new system will be available on the market from 30 September.

This article is sponsored by Tektro Europe