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AIMA, a multi-million e-bike maker in China’s, sells such Shimano STEPS equipped e-bikes for about 1,000 USD. – Photo Bike Europe

2016 Shanghai Show: Chinese E-Bike Makers Turn to Europe

SHANGHAI, China - The strong focus on Europe with European styled e-bikes was striking when visiting the booths of Aima, Tianjin Golden Wheel or...

EnergyTubes from Hi-Tech Energy. – Photo Bike Europe

Competition for Complete E-Bike System Suppliers

TAIPEI, Taiwan - At the Taipei International Cycle Show which had its second day today and still has two more to go, a cooperation came to light...

China is commonly considered as a sourcing country for e-bikes and components, but not yet as an export destination for high end products. That’s to change. - Photo Bike Europe

China Bicycle Association Organizes Study Trip

TIANJIN, China - The e-bike market in China is changing rapidly after the government's announcement last April to grow the average export value to...

Bart van den Boom (left), technical manager, and Jack Brandsen, general manager, (both coming from NuVinci) are leading Bafang Europe. – Photo Bike Europe

World's Biggest Hub Motor Maker Starts in Europe

TAICHUNG, Taiwan - 8Fun, the world's biggest maker of hub motors for e-bikes, is re-branding itself to Bafang. Under this name the company starts a...

對台中自行車週裡新產品的第一印象為現在的電動自行車零組件製造商的數量也很多,像是Bafang (前身為 8Fun),此次展出其全新的Max Drive中置馬達系統。– Photo Bike Europe


台灣,台中-主辦人Steve Fenton將台中自行車週稱為「百分百業界專屬自行車展讓OEM供應商和來自全球的客戶能齊聚一堂。」就像去年和前幾年一樣,其參展廠商數量又再創新高。此活動從這個星期二開始在台中展開,並期待參觀的人數也能再創新記錄。

A first impression on what’s really new at Taichung Bike Week 2014, is that e-bike component makers are now also here in big numbers. Like Bafang (former 8Fun) which is presenting its new Max Drive mid-motor system. – Photo Bike Europe

Taichung Bike Week Starts in Style

TAICHUNG, Taiwan - It's like last year and the years before; 'The no-frills industry-exclusive show for OEM suppliers to meet with global customers,'...

Tern’s eLink features a 250W Bafang mid-motor with four levels of power support. – Photo Tern

Tern Extends Line-up with Electric Folder

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Tern is introducing its first electric folding bike, the eLink. The new model adds an electric boost to the Link and makes cycling...

A great advantage of Shimano Steps is the system’s option to combine it with the Alfine Di-2 internal gear hub. - Photo Bike Europe

First Test Ride with Shimano Steps E-Bike

BREMEN, Germany - Shimano Europe selected the North German city of Bremen for their official Product Launch of its new e-bike system, called Steps...