Leader Fox streamlines production line to manufacture 50,000 bikes per year

Leader Fox used the summer vacation time to innovate its facilities. During the production break, the production line was completely replaced. The Czech manufacturer also started a new partnership with Panasonic. Vít Šatný - director of Bohemia, owner of the Leader Fox brand - spoke to us about the recent changes and their partnership with motor manufacturer Bafang.

Leader Fox completely replaced their production line. They moved from a classic ‘belt’ production to a more modern, more practical, more efficient, safer hanging conveyor. “Thanks to the modular construction, it is possible to expand or change its arrangement in a very short time,” explains Vít Šatný. “A big advantage is the significant saving of electricity and the higher production capacity. Thanks to the new line, we can easily produce up to 50,000 bikes per year. Up to 24 bikes can be mounted on the carrier at one time”

Up to 24 bikes can be mounted on the carrier at one time.


Last year Panasonic and Leader Fox made a deal about their cooperation. “We have to say that it made us happy,” Vít Šatný says. “We are the only ones in Czech Republic who achieved this kind of partnership. Panasonic’s GX Ultimate is also one of the best e-bike engines ever made. Our cooperation leads to a new way of understanding how it is possible to ride e-MTBs.”

The Oxnar with Panasonic’s GX Ultimate e-bike engine.

The new partnership led to a series of new models, specially created to suit GX Ultimate power. They are now offering full-suspension e-MTB, as well as hardtails. They will both be available with a 27,5” and 29” wheel size. The motor can deliver torque up to 95Nm, power output 250W with just 2.95 kg in weight. They were also able to eliminate some discomfort in their frame geometry compared to previous models.

The Fox Acron with a Bafang M510 motor.


In addition to Panasonic, they also have Bafang as a motor manufacturer. The Chinese brand is making huge progress every year. This year they achieved about 20% of power enhancement while they reduced it’s weight by 18%. Specifications of Bafang’s M510 motor are similar to its rivals. The motor can deliver torque up 95Nm, a power output of 250W, and weighs 3kg. Bafang’s motors are equipped through the whole variety of bike types – full suspensions, hardtails and city bikes with a possible expansion to cargobikes in the future.

This article is sponsored by Leader Fox.