Devron E-Bikes: Get Ready, Let's Go!

Devron E-Bikes: Get Ready, Let's Go!

Where are you going? Go to work, to the beach, go shopping. Go where you have never been before. Wherever you are going, Devron e-bikes make it easier and faster. Thanks to these simple, intuitive and comfortable e-bikes you can ride like the wind without breaking a sweat. All you have to do is get on and go. There are 4 different types of Devron e-bikes to choose from. Each model has unique features.

Mountain e-bike

Would you like to add more power to your riding? Do you want to go further? Mountain e-bikes will increase your pedaling power and will let you discover a new passion for the mountain bike. The top of Devron e-bikes is the ZERGA E-7000. This e-bike is a mid-motor e-mountain bike with a Shimano motor and battery. You can choose up to 3 levels of pedal assistance. In the Devron Mountain e-bikes range you will also find models with a rear drive motor: the Riddle E1.7 and the Riddle WE1.7. These models are available in both men’s and women’s versions and are equipped with an Etroteck motor and an 11Ah Phylion battery.

City e-bike

There are various types of city e-bikes in the Devron e-bike range. Do you need easier and faster transport for shopping or going around the city? Choose the Devron city e-bikes. There are new models with an integrated battery, such as the Devron 28426 and the Devron 28426 e-bikes. These models have a mid-motor (Bafang Max Drive) and a 14Ah integrated battery. Devron e-bicycles offers a full range of e-bike models (Devron 28127, Devron 28126, Devron 28125, Devron 28124, Devron 28123, Devron 28122) with Devron Electric front motor and battery power up to 14Ah. We also offer a 26” wheels city e-bike version: Devron 26122.

Cross-e-bikes-DevronCross e-bike

if you are looking for an allround e-bike, choose the Devron 28161 and the Devron 28162 cross e-bike models (men’s and women’s frames). They are suitable for camping trips, as well as for riding on the street and discovering new roads on two wheels. Both models are equipped with Etroteck rear drive motor and 11Ah Phylion battery. Thanks to five levels of assistant mode, your riding will be perfect!

Foldable-e-bike-DevronFoldable e-bike

Are you used to moving in public transport and do you need more mobility? Are you looking for an e-bike that is always available in your car for discovering new roads? Devron folding e-bikes are suitable for your needs. This e-bike reduces its dimensions so that It can become smaller and easier to transport everywhere. Devron e-bicycles can offer 20” and 16” folding e-bikes wheels and rear drive motor with integrated or not from 8,7Ah to 8,8Ah battery.

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