Europe's new digital standard

Europe's new digital standard

You are a supplier and you want to increase your sales? Make it easy for your dealers to order from you: the whole process from choosing your products in stock, ordering and up until the final invoice is available directly in your customers ERP-system. Bye, bye, manual effort and welcome to the digital world.

Tridata, the Nuremberg-based specialist for ERP- and POS-systems, has developed the velo.API server in cooperation with Bike&Co, one of Germany’s most significant retailer associations. velo.API lets you digitally manage your orders and product data, thus saving time and money for retailers and suppliers.

Keeping digital processes up to date

Using the interface, you can realize your company‘s processes – ranging from the initial data entry up until your retailers’ final sales. This way, manual data maintenance can be eliminated and there will also be considerable time and cost savings. Currently, the system is getting implemented or is used by 25 well-known suppliers. Even large retail chains already rely on velo.API.

Thomas Maier, a bicycle retailer that owns three stores with each having around 700 square meters of space, says: “Especially in the times of digitalization, it is essential to us that all digital communication processes are up to date. These are functions that provide detailed information on availability, product data, and delivery notes. All of that will be a quite relevant topic in the future. The required manual effort without the interface represents a cost factor that should not be underestimated.”

New functionalities

Velo.API or veloconnect? You don’t have to decide. By using a velo.API server, you fulfill both standards as velo.API is an advancement based on the Veloconnect 1.1 model. It offers all features of Veloconnect 1.1 and introduces a number of new functionalities. These new functions are mandatory for efficient digital communication.

The system offer suppliers multilingual product data, including country/dealer/area dependant prices and insight into dealers‘ stock levels and sales (when pre-arranged with dealer). Digitalisation of delivery notes transmission, order confirmation and invoice transmission is all made possible. Also special offers can be pushed into the dealers‘ systems, making that directly orderable.

For dealers, velo.API implementation into the Tridata ERP system is free-of-charge. The product data is already available in different size and color variants. Dealers also receive delivery notes and order confirmations digitally, with invoices available in “ZUGFeRD”/Facture-X format. The system offers bicycle dealers insight into the manufacturer’s availability of goods (up to two warehouses) and delivery on behalf of third parties: ‘dropshipping’.

Register for use

velo.API has already been implemented in two German ERP-systems: Tridata and HIW. Dealers using a different system can access the interface’s functions after their ERP provider has implemented the client. Accessing the documentation and the interface is free-of-charge. All the provider has to do is register on with their company’s name.

This article was sponsored by Tridata.