Vélovak is ready to organise a safe trade fair for the bicycle and scooter industry

Vélovak is ready to organise a safe trade fair for the bicycle and scooter industry

Now the summer is officially over, it is time to prepare for the upcoming season. On June 24 the Dutch government gave trade fairs the green light to continue their events safely, thus the past months were busy times for the team of the trade event Vélovak. As long as people are able to keep 1,5 meters distance between each other, there is no limit to the number of people for gatherings.

Vélovak is ready to organise a safe trade fair for the bicycle and scooter industry

“Of course this was very good news for Vélovak and the other (trade) fairs organized by Easyfairs Netherlands. We have our venue of 22,000 square meters in which we, according to the COVID-19 guidelines from the Dutch government, are permitted to welcome 4,400 visitors a day. From that moment on we also received relieved comments from visitors and exhibitors that were glad to hear this moment of contact was allowed to continue. The wish to visit a B2B event especially for the industry was expressed clearly during the conversations the team had with visitors and exhibitors. Besides, it is nice to connect communities as well as giving an economic impulse to the industry and purchasing of bicycle and scooter related products.”

“With the necessary measures taken during the set-up, the Vélovak trade fair and the dismantling it is definitely possible to have a safe moment for a face to face conversation with your dealer or supplier. The safety of all the visitors, exhibitors and partners has always been a top priority, and now more than ever. We are committed to making Vélovak the cleanest and safest place to meet and do business. The health and well-being of everyone is key to our safety commitment to the industry,” states Mascha de Bruin, Head of Event Vélovak, talking about the COVID-19 measures which apply to the trade event for the two-wheeler industry.

Interesting and new participants

“Fortunately we have a lot of news to share about the upcoming edition, apart from the current COVID-19 situation. During the challenging period of the pandemic several new participants expressed their confidence in the platform by confirming their participation. This included Bimas Bikes, Continental by PBG 2Wheel, Pedal Plate, Roetz-Bikes, startup TILER, Tracefy, Yuba Europe and Veloe Cycles.”

“Also several brands will return for the upcoming edition such as AGU, International Mobility Group, KETTLER Alu-Rad and Tunap Sports. Unfortunately we did not accomplish the growth of the platform we were targeting after the evaluation of the 2019 edition. However, we can surely state that it will be an edition with an interesting, qualitative and new range of products, services and innovations for the professional in the bicycle and scooter industry which cannot be missed!” states De Bruin.

More experience

Marketing Coordinator of Vélovak, Gerard van Muijden, added the following: “We are also proud of the steps we took to create more ambience and a Vélovak experience during the fair. For the first time we will set up a Sports Café, which is powered by the Belgian sports magazine Grinta!. In this 225 square meters café the visitor can enjoy a beer while seated with his or her colleagues and others from the industry in a sporty ambience. Starting from this edition visitors will also be able to test and experience the advantages of the newest bicycles and e-scooters at the test course.”

Knowledge and innovation

“Another important aspect of the trade fair is sharing knowledge and the innovations in the industry. This naturally happens in the Tweewieler Knowledge Theatre that we created together with our main media partner Tweewieler.”

“Another important aspect of the trade fair is informing the visitor of the newest innovations in the industry. From this upcoming edition onwards, the visitor will not only discover innovations at the regular big stands, but will also discover several start-ups with innovative products at the Start-up square. From the world’s first wireless charge tile for e-bikes and e-scooters to a hydrogen-powered bicycle. Also, from Danish cargo bikes with a unique design to an e-bike with super-capacitors that charge within only 30 minutes.” adds Van Muijden.

Digital carrying case

Fair organiser Easyfairs will also present an innovation during Vélovak this September, the Smart Badge technology. This Smart Badge offers a digital alternative to shaking hands and exchanging business cards and flyers. The Smart Badge makes it possible to get the information of exhibitors without any physical contact or touching anything by simply scanning his or her badge at the Smart Badge reader of the stand. This enables the visitor to create his or her own overview of the visit to the trade fair. In this way the visitor gets all the product and company information of the exhibitor without any need of physical contact. The Smart Badge can be seen as a digital carrying case for flyers, business cards and more. This is not only useful, but also a very safe way for visiting a trade fair.

After uncertainty and rushing for months, it is time for a good talk in a friendly atmosphere and to get in touch with your colleagues, suppliers and other professionals in the bicycle and scooter industry.

Vélovak 2020

Vélovak takes place on 27, 28 and 29 September 2020 in Evenementenhal Gorinchem, The Netherlands.

Opening times:

Sunday: 12:00 noon – 6:00 p.m.

Monday: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Tuesday: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Please note: you can only register prior to the fair and not on-site, registerherefor a visit to Vélovak 2020.

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