Connected e-bikes: what are the opportunities for assemblers?

Connected e-bikes: what are the opportunities for assemblers?

Connected e-bikes are the new standard in the bicycle industry now brands want to provide their customers a better mobility experience. By integrating an IoT product, the e-bike becomes a smartbike, capable of sending and receiving data as well as triggering actions remotely. After the electrification revolution, the connectivity revolution is leading bicycle assemblers to adapt and reinvent their offers and tools. To assist assemblers in assembling the connected bike, Velco has created a turnkey digital platform: Velco Assembly Assist.

Connected bikes: the new weapon for brands to allure cyclists

Brands see a strategic interest in entering the connected e-bike market. Offering numerous functionalities aimed at making cycling safer (crash detection, maintenance information, etc.), anti-theft devices (notification of suspicious movements, sound alarm, electric assistance cut-off, geolocation) and offering fun and comfort services (trip statistics, weather forecast, etc.), connectivity is the real thing for brands to distinguish themselves.

In a fast-growing market, connectivity is a strong sales argument and it upmarkets the position of brands. In addition it is an opportunity to create a long-term relationship with the cyclist, to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. For bike fleet managers, the connected bike is a game changer for real-time supervision, fleet security and maintenance optimization. With Velco, specialist in connected solutions for e-bikes, brands and fleet managers are deploying smartbikes to boost their performances, differentiate themselves and mark their innovative and service-oriented offer.

Offering real opportunities, the smartbike or connected bike is a new segment in the electric bike market, which is developing under the impetus of the major brands, engine manufacturers and pure players. In France, three major assemblers (La Manufacture Française du Cycle - MFC, Cycleurope and Arcade Cycle) have decided to make the choice of connectivity in partnership with Velco.

The connected solution for integrating IoT on electric bikes

Velco has created Velco Assembly Assist, a turnkey digital platform to facilitate the integration of IoT products on bicycles. Simple, intuitive, scalable and flexible to adapt to the constraints and tools of the assemblers, Velco Assembly Assist optimises each step of the integration: product pairing, testing, filtered views of the paired bikes, data exchange between the solution and the ERP and allows traceability of the connected bikes throughout the assembly line.

"Being as close as possible to the needs of assemblers is an issue that we have integrated into the design of our IoT products", says Johnny Smith, co-founder and CMO of Velco. "Creating a tool to facilitate their integration has been a priority for Velco in the development of our suite. We are now looking to meet with assemblers in Europe and build strong partnerships to provide them a solution to convince bike brands and support the development of our industry."

With a turnkey connected solution, assemblers will build their connected offer attractive brands, position themselves as the bearer of bicycle innovation to provide them with high value-added advice to outperform their competitors with a differentiating offer. Velco connects e-bikes with its IoT products and transforms data into services, with a software suite designed to digitalise the entire bicycle industry to improve the performance of all players.

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