Eurobike important for global branding strategy of Yadea

Eurobike important for global branding strategy of Yadea
For Eurobike 2022, Yadea specifically chose to showcase products that best appeal to European businesses. – Photo Yadea

FRANKFURT, Germany - Exhibiting at Eurobike is an important part of Yadea's global branding strategy and future European market development. "Committed to promoting the popularisation of clean and efficient means of personal transportation, Yadea's participation in the show delivers an important branding message to the industry in Europe," says Yadea Vice GM Heidi Zang.

Yadea debuted a full line-up of new products for the European market at EICMA 2021 including electric motorcycles, e-mopeds, e-bikes and e-kick scooters. For Eurobike 2022, we specifically chose to showcase products that best appeal to European businesses and consumers, demonstrating the brand’s dedication to cultivating and exploring the European market,” said Heidi Zang.

The entire event revolves around a number of themes, including developing environmentally friendly cities and defining the future of mobility. Both these themes play into Yadea’s brand strategy as the company advocates new modes of mobility to support a greener future. The Yadea product can be found in hall 8, booth F09.

Sharing bikes

Around the topic of mobility, Yadea displays its collaborative achievement with German software company Wunder Mobility, the Wunder sharing-ready e-bike. For this product, Yadea was responsible for designing and building the vehicle whilst Wunder Mobility developed the software. The Wunder sharing e-bike features a swappable 36V 20Ah battery providing 110km of range with top speeds of 25km/h driven by a 350W motor, full in-built IoT connectivity, and smart locking.

“Collaborating with Wunder Mobility is a good example of Yadea’s commitment to open innovation and passion for quality. The vehicle is CE & TUV certified and fit for e-bike sharing companies to use in the European market,” sales director Edison Hou added.

BlueTooth smart locking and smartphone integration

Also, on display at Eurobike 2022, is the Y80 e-bike. According to Yadea, “this sleek model combines style with performance, featuring a 250W engine delivering 100Nm torque powered by a 36V 10.5Ah large-capacity battery that can reach up to 80km of range. Alongside the Y80, the Trooper 001 e-bike features an even more powerful 500W motor and 48V 15Ah large-capacity battery reaching distances up to 90km and fit with smart functionality such as BlueTooth smart locking and smartphone integration.”

We have consistently focused on manufacturing our own e-bikes”

“We have consistently focused on manufacturing our own e-bikes, also with rich experience in OEM&ODM and sharing e-bikes. With continuous in-house R&D investment, powerful manufacturing, and sourcing capabilities, Yadea has been the world’s largest selling electric moped brand for five consecutive years as well. The production quality is evidenced by the incorporation of Huayu New Energy, who leverage cutting-edge and high-precision battery technology to generate and maintain power,” Edison Hou adds.

German operations center

“Since 2007, Yadea has been working to internationalise the brand and has made significant progress in the European market. Now, with the German operations center getting ready, Yadea will have a good foundation for continuing to grow in the region, appealing to the needs of local consumers and building Yadea into a globally recognisable brand,” said industry veteran Edward Vlutters, Vice GM of Yadea (Europe) Technology GmbH.