China Cycle postponed again

China Cycle postponed again
Covid outbreaks cause a new setback for China Cycle. – Photo Bike Europe

SHANGHAI, China - For the third time this year, COVID restrictions have forced the organising committee to postpone the 2022 edition of China Cycle. At the moment it is unknown when or where the show is going to take place.

Last June the organisers announced that China Cycle would move to August and outside Shanghai to avoid the strict COVID measures in place in the city at that time. However, a new recent outbreak in Anhui province, where the show was scheduled to take place from 4 to 7 August, makes it again not possible to organise an event of this scale.

Lockdown in Anhui Province

According to recent media reports, China placed millions of people under lockdown in central Anhui province, in the latest of a string of outbreaks testing Beijing's no-tolerance approach to COVID-19.

In a public statement, the organising committee says, “we sincerely apologise for the adverse impact on all parties due to the postponement of the exhibition. We will restart the preparation for the China Cycle 2022 at the right time while ensuring the health of the majority of the exhibitors and visitors and the effect of the exhibition.”