Contec G-link: accessories with one system mounted on the handlebar

Contec G-link: accessories with one system mounted on the handlebar

A handlebar to which you can attach integrated accessories. That is the new Contec G-link system. Hermann Hartje's exclusive P&A brand, Contec, thus responds to the trend in which bicycles have increasingly integrated applications. Dealers can order the modular system from August, and it will be available to consumers in the spring of 2023.

Nowadays, many parts are integrated into an e-bike, such as the motor and the battery. A system in which all parts are attached to the handlebars did not yet exist. Contec now offers the G-link System, including a complete range of accessories. This modular system is a modern, integrated solution for mounting and controlling all accessories on a handlebar with one system.

“We worked on this innovative system for two years,” says Christopher Müllenhof of Contec. “This is a new product category with an attractive price level. In this way we offer dealers additional sales opportunities,” he adds proudly.

Plenty of options and freedom

With the G-link System, sporty, active and relaxed cyclists can choose from 3 different types of ergonomic grips. Each category has different shapes so that the right support is offered for every palm. A short version is also available for rotary switches. Thanks to a spacer and locking ring, all associated accessories can be rotated so that the positioning is always correct.

Accessories in Contec G-link System

In terms of the accessories that come with the G-link System, there are 2 types of rear-view mirrors, a switch for a dropper post, a remote control for the new Dlux E-Xtent headlight, and a bell. The accessories can also be used without the G-Link system. In addition, a remote control for the new Bosch system has been developed. This will soon be available to bicycle suppliers. Because Contec is a Hermann Hartje KG label, Conway and Victoria bicycles will soon be equipped with the G-link System.

“With Contec, we are moving more towards our own design and our own products,” explains Müllenhof. “We use our 16 years of experience for this. We always receive valuable input from sales, monitor sales figures, and we look at trends in bicycle brands. Of course, we look at which parts can be interesting together with bicycle brands. This integrated concept is a valuable first step, which will also be available as an after-sales concept.”

E-bike headlight

Due to the demand for more powerful lamps, the company created the Dlux E-Xtent, a unique lamp that has been specially designed for e-bikes. The lamp offers 2 settings: 120 Lux or no less than 200 Lux. The 6 LEDs are responsible for this, which ensure that this new lamp is among the most powerful. The lamp can, of course, be integrated with the new G-Link system, where the remote control is part of the concept. The powerful headlamp offers retailers additional sales opportunities and also has an attractive price.

This article is sponsored by Contec.