Leader Fox: New production line, new season, new style

Leader Fox: New production line, new season, new style

Leader Fox introduced a lot of changes this year. They have taken a significant step forward by installing a new suspended transport system in the production hall and have presented a new collection of e-bikes.

The new assembly line is modern, energy-saving, more aesthetically pleasing, and includes efficient transport for bike assembly. This ‘smart’ line has its own digital control process to help people. The modular design allows for expansion and change of the layout of the conveyor.

“The main advantages are not only reducing the noise level in the production hall nor lifelong durability. One of the main advantages of it is the continuous workflow. We can't exclude unforeseen situations, but if they occur OCS emergency service allows operatively identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities on the way. The focus on the safety and productivity of workers has no less value for us than quality and quantity.”

New bikes

The variability of Leader Fox bikes is wide. Bohemia Bike manufactures bicycles for different groups of clients. The ‘Bright Capitan’ and ‘Spider’ are suitable for kids and teenagers. It is a typical modern trekking MTB with an 11-32t cassette, and it can be used for family trips as well as climbing hills or challenging any mountainous terrain.

Furthermore, the collection consists of stylish modern city bikes (Ema, Domesta, Region) and trekking mountain bikes (Ferrara, Toscana, Sumava). All city bikes are equipped with mudguards and LED lighting. Toscana has a 9-speed transmission, allowing it to approach the performance of mountain bikes. Women's MXC mountain bikes will bring pleasure from a trip to the mountains as well as to the city. For trips to the countryside or riding on gravel and forest trails, Trap, Sonora, and Essent are suitable trekking bikes. The Harper and Trion are trekking mountain models with full suspension, and quality shock absorbers.

A new collection of e-bikes

In October, the Leader Fox showroom also presented a new collection of e-bikes, consisting of the Ayra, Arran, Acron, Orton, Oxnar Lucas, and Vivalo. They are stylish, sporty, and suitable for everyday use, equipped with Panasonic and Bafang motors.  The company has also created a new, less massive frame that hides the battery. This way, the presence of a motor and battery does not prevent them from remaining as elegant models like city bikes are.

“Today, bicycles are practically an attribute of quality of life, confidence, and mood. As a bike owner, only you choose where, when, and how you ride. And we try to create more diversity according to your desire. The style and colour, variability, character - all this you will find in the new bike models.”

This article is sponsored by Leader Fox.