Ecobike: Poland's e-bike manufacturing experience

Ecobike: Poland's e-bike manufacturing experience

The electric bike market has been developing rapidly across Europe. For European users, an e-bike is no longer just a gadget, but a real support in their daily commute and traveling. As e-bikes' popularity grows, the number of manufacturers increases. Is there any more room for an offer that such a competitive industry may be lacking? Ecobike proves there is!

It may be a surprise that a bicycle company from Poland has been focused solely on e-bikes from the very beginning of the market’s existence. Not only it has now been 15 years since Ecobike started gaining its experience in electric bicycles, but also the company was backed by 40 years of bicycle tradition of Ecobike founder’s family.

That is a scale that one cannot just easily underestimate. Fifteen years of electric bicycle technology evolution and market transformation. The company seems to have seen and tried most of the different solutions found in e-bikes throughout the period.

Ecobike E-volution

The first years of Ecobike’s activity were focused on popularising electric bicycles in Poland. The company went full sail with rapid technological progress that led to the expansion of its portfolio. At the time they had been introducing almost every possible innovation of the booming market to its models. Today, the company is a highly recognisable brand and a well-established,  independent manufacturer with its own assembly and warehouse infrastructure in Wrocław, a high-tech area of Southwest Poland.

Over 300 partners in Europe

Ecobike's sales network has now spanned over 300 partners in Europe. Recent resources and production potential growth speeded up the company's decision to search for new distribution directions and expand its network by at least 200 entities. It may seem a perfect time to start cooperation with the Polish company committed to keeping long-term business relationships.

Product value is the key

The products have average prices. The brand's key focus is to maintain a great price-to-quality ratio. In this way, the user always feels that he or she gets the best possible value for money. Ecobike offers customers a wide collection of models divided into four main series: City, Trekking, MTB, and folding e-bikes.

While the frame design and reliable equipment can be considered important factors to the users, the Polish manufacturer also offers its customers a wide variety of electrical systems based on the wheel hub or mid-drive motors. The driving assistance technologies are provided by proven suppliers such as Bafang and Ananda. Besides that, a distinctive feature of the Polish company is the ability to choose different battery capacities upon purchase of most e-bike models.

Even though Ecobike is excelling in the most popular categories, it does not lose its bicycle imagination. The company follows trends and quickly responds with creative designs. This year, the brand presented new gravel, fitness, and even heavy-duty cargo electric bicycles.

Above standard service is a standard

The Polish brand constantly develops solutions to provide satisfying customer service. It all starts with quick e-bike delivery backed by experienced logistics partners. In terms of warranty and post-warranty repairs and maintenance, Ecobike has gained a great advantage by building its own large service department with a warehouse full of spare parts, even for models produced years ago. In this way, the company has made e-bikes long-term products.

Active sales support covers Ecobike’s business partners. Dealers of the Polish e-bike maker can rely on professional brand marketing materials and assistance. The company does non-standard projects and organises promotional events.

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