Innovation in e-bike motors with Vietnam's certificate of origin

Innovation in e-bike motors with Vietnam's certificate of origin

The bicycle market is undergoing significant changes, presenting both challenges and opportunities. By 2030, the global e-bike market is expected to reach a scale of $118.6 billion (€108.94 billion), with a compound annual growth rate of over 10%, indicating vast market prospects.

Motinova, a global supplier of e-bike motor systems under Midea Industrial Technology Group, has gained widespread attention and praise, due to the performance of its mid-drive and hub motor drive systems, powerful automatic production capabilities and supply chain assurance from Midea in China and Vietnam. It also has a comprehensive aftersales service network covering the world market, which includes a European service center.

Building a green factory

Motinova’s Vietnam factory has significantly reduced its carbon emissions through the efficient management of its automatic factory. Whether it's packaging design or motor energy efficiency, environmental requirements are considered, and they are devoted to create a ‘zero-carbon factory’. The brand combines the core technological strengths of ‘green energy’ and ‘industrial core components’ to effectively promote green travel and sustainable development.

Vietnam certificate of origin

The manufacturer has owned and run key core technology including motor design, motor structure and industrial design, and sensor technology. Currently, Motinova is able to achieve a self-supply rate of over 55% for the overall components, which fundamentally solves many problems such as complex electromagnetic interference and difficult internal motor adjustment. This can ensure the quality stable and the motor consistent.

Additionally, due to the high self-supply rate of components, all of Motinova’s products have a certificate of origin from Vietnam and meet the import standards of the European Union and the United States to prevent anti-dumping issues.

Defect rate less than 1‰

The new generation motor Migic series are made by fully automatic production line. It can minimize the impact of human factors on product quality during the production process, which is the most direct guarantee of product quality stability, reliability, and consistency. This is also where Motinova’s confidence in its product quality comes from.

Benefiting from the Midea group's bulk raw material procurement, self-made core components, and the improvement of the factory's automation level, production efficiency has significantly increased to 85%.

Also the leadtime is shortened to 35 days in China and 45 days in Vietnam, making purchases go a smoother experience and ridding customers of the dilemma of ‘slow and difficult delivery’ in traditional supply chains.

After-sales service in Europe

In order to further improve the quality of customer service, Motinova opened a service center in the Netherlands in 2022 for its European customers. In December 2023, a test center for failure analysis was established. All motors can be analysed in the Netherlands directly, instead of having them dispatched first to China. This will save a lot of time and assures quick feedback to the client and fast corrections and improvements.

Through Motinova’s independently developed after-sales service platform, the intelligent system platform can detect more than 80% of common after-sales problems online, which can save the high cost of replacing items and shorten the response time to issues raised.

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