BESV celebrates the journey so far at Eurobike 2024

BESV celebrates the journey so far at Eurobike 2024

Ten years may not seem very long in the bicycle industry but in many ways, BESV began long before 2014. The premium e-bike brand was started by the CEO of the Darfon Group, sharing in its legacy of eco-friendly electronics design.

As an e-bike brand in Europe, BESV has sometimes passed under the radar, but it has been around the block, achieving several industry benchmarks, and growing in both reach and sales over its ten year lifetime. Last year it demonstrated it is here to stay alongside its competitors. In 2023, while many in the same category struggled to stay afloat, the e-bike company grew, having its all-time record sales.

A legacy of electronics

The ten-year-old e-bike brand is built upon an established foundation in the global electronics and bike manufacturing industry. Born from the vision of one man, and sister to companies who have over forty years experience in the bike manufacturing realm, BESV has a history worth discovering.

The idea began with Andy Su, CEO of Darfon Group, who had a vision to combine his passion for cycling and electronics, and create a brand that would leave a legacy. The group houses over fifteen companies, spread over three broad categories, IT Peripherals, Passive Components and Green Energy Solutions, the last of which BESV falls under. Unlike the other electronic products produced by Darfon, which ultimately enter the world under different brand names, their e-bikes proudly roll into the market under their own name – BESV.

Darfon’s vision is to bring enjoyment and quality of life to people, through its commitment to the development of science and technology in its products. This is the legacy that the e-bike brand is a part of. The relationship between companies may not always be obvious at the outset, but it is traceable in their shared values and principles - the legacy BESV carries in both its name and products. This is most prominent in both companies’ pursuit of high-quality manufacturing, eco-friendliness and innovative design. In its almost thirty-years, Darfon has accumulated over one thousand global patents and numerous design awards, whilst in its decade of existence, BESV has gathered over forty design awards.

The ride has just begun

Ten years on from its beginning in Darfon’s headquarters in Taiwan, BESV is now sold around the world, in Asia and Europe. In Europe, the brand works with distributors to supply dealers across Germany, Austria, the Benelux, Poland, France, Scandinavia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech and Hungary. The brand believes in selling through dealers as the best way to serve its customers, providing in-person service throughout bike lifetimes. The company vision is to expand their reach so that all neighbourhoods have a BESV dealer to help them get the best out of their e-bike.

Not only are the e-bikes distributed across Europe, but as of 2020 and 2024, respectively, they are now also designed and produced on European soil in Poland and Czech. The brand’s categories span city, trekking, gravel, mountain, SUV and soon compact e-bikes. The first models of this newest category will be unveiled at Eurobike 2024, where the brand will also welcome visitors to its anniversary celebration on the first show day. Dealers, vendors, press and bike fanatics are invited to a meet and greet with founder, Andy Su, where glasses will be raised to the next ten years.

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