Rotor offers innovation and quality in cycling components

Rotor offers innovation and quality in cycling components

In the world of cycling, choosing quality components is crucial to ensure optimum performance, as well as a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Components supplier Rotor focuses on every detail on a bike, and dedicates itself to designing and manufacturing cycling components that bring added value to the industry's leading bike brands.

From the precision of its cranks to the reliability of its power meters, every part in Rotor’s catalogue, or the ones co-created with its customers, is designed to improve a cyclist’s performance and comfort with every pedal stroke. Passion for cycling is what drives Rotor to innovate and create components that enhance the cycling experience. The Spanish supplier brings its own catalogue products to the market, and also co-creates ODP products for an increasing number of bike brands.

It all started in a small machine shop in Madrid, and soon led to global recognition”

The history of Rotor’s own cycling components production is a fascinating journey, dating back to 1994. From the beginning the company focused on challenging the limits of technology and engineering, striving to offer bike products of the highest quality. It all started in a small machine shop in Madrid, and soon led to global recognition for the uniquely designed crankset components and exceptional performance.

As the supplier started to grow, so did its commitment to in-house component production. Instead of relying on external parties, the company decided to control the entire manufacturing process in-house, from design to production. This means that it currently has a supply chain of which is  95% based in Europe.

Transitioning to OEM

Rotor always has been committed to innovation and has worked tirelessly to bring high-quality products to the aftermarket. At first the prime focus was on the main marketplace, where Rotor’s innovations were quickly noticed. Twenty years after the start, the OEM channel began to show some considerate market success. OEM customers from around the world began to introduce Rotor products to upgrade their specs in different cycling categories, such as road, MTB, gravel and eBikes – using a wide product range, from foundational high-quality alu cranksets to high-performance carbon cranksets, and from 1x13 group sets to power meters. The number of OEM customers has grown significantly, while the amount of specs within each category continues to expand.   


An OEM product that has had a significant impact on the market is the Etor drive. Rotor developed the Etor drive interface for high-performance e-bikes, replacing the poor-performing pedal crank arm interface on e-bikes with a center motor. This innovation has created a performance improvement for higher-end e-bikes, which is a growing segment of the bicycle industry.  Both e-bike engine manufacturers and OEM bike brand customers continue to choose the Spanish brand as their premium choice to spec their final products. 


Rotor’s crankset is the heart of its drivetrain, and the team proves committed to keep on bringing added value to this core product. Designed to be light, stiff and durable, the brand provides a unique personality and exceptional performance for a growing number of demanding consumers, and ensures differentiation for OEM customers. Additionally, Rotor offers the option of OE-driven power upgrade options, increasing revenue streams for its brand clients.

Advantages of choosing Rotor components

Choosing Rotor components means opting for quality, performance and great brand identity. The customisation allows each rider to tailor their setup to their specific needs, ensuring an optimal cycling experience. All components are the result of years of R&D and are designed to help cyclists push their limits on the road or in the mountains.

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