VanDijck Mobility: Dutch bicycle brand announces revamped business model

VanDijck Mobility: Dutch bicycle brand announces revamped business model

Over the past few years, the Dutch bicycle brand Van Dijck has repeatedly made headlines with its cutting-edge e-bike technologies. To better respond to changing market conditions, the company recently revamped its business model and also changed its name to VanDijck Mobility.

When speaking about the Dutch brand Van Dijck, one inevitably thinks of the parent company Timyo. Together they’ve developed a name in the industry over the years that is synonymous with sleek designs and cutting-edge technology, and has garnered the trust of dealers across the Benelux region.

“However, our journey took an unexpected turn when we encountered technical difficulties related to some of our key e-bike components, leaving us and our dealers in turmoil,” explains operational director Hans van den Bogaart. “For this reason, we have decided to carry out a large-scale restructuring, leading to a complete overhaul of our business model,” he continues, referring to the newly founded enterprise.

Unlike its predecessor, VanDijck Mobility no longer acts as a distributor and warehouse for various brands but operates as a completely independent bicycle company focussing on selling the VanDijck e-bike models and providing after-sales support to its dealers. Therefore, the company relocated to a new site in Roosendaal, without an assembly plant but with a sales office and limited storage capacity. “This restructuring was the next logical step for us,” explains operational director Hans van den Bogaart. “Firstly, it was important for us to have better control over our supply chain. Secondly, we wanted to be more flexible in order to respond to situations like the current fluctuations in demand and overstock challenges more effectively,” he continues, also mentioning that the new company has a much healthier cost structure.

Investment brings additional momentum

An investment from the German Linemart provides additional momentum for the revamped business model, ensuring financial security for the coming years, reports Van den Bogaart. “They share our vision for the future of urban transportation. Furthermore, the investment confirms that we are moving in the right direction. It also brings security to both us and our partners,” the operational director comments. VanDijck Mobility currently works with approximately 250 dealers across the Benelux countries, France, and Germany.

“Changes for partners will be minimal”, Van den Bogaart assures. “The only change is that new bikes will be sent directly from our production site in Lithuania to the shops, which may extend delivery times, but we are rapidly improving on this. We will still provide after-sales support, such as spare parts, from our Roosendaal headquarters,” the operational director confirms.

He and his team certainly have big ambitions for the relaunch. This is also evidenced by their plans to showcase their products at Eurobike show in Frankfurt, Germany, in July. “A highlight will undoubtedly be the new model, Triton Hypershift, a sleek city e-bike featuring the innovative Kreutzer drive-unit with 110 Nm of torque and Hypershift automatic transmission technology,” Van den Bogaart says, referring to one of their stylish design e-bikes that perfectly meet contemporary tastes. The vision for the future is clear: with their relaunch as an independent company, VanDijck Mobility aims to leave a mark on the e-bike industry.

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