Devron Europe, bikes for all family members

Devron Europe, bikes for all family members

Family biking is one of the most beautiful and fun activities you can do during the good season. When the weather gets warmer, children strive for outdoor recreation and organizing a bike ride is a great way to strengthen family bonds. Clear, a family tour needs preparation: strong helmets, breathable clothing and a first-aid kit! And what about the bike?

A performing bike is essential: the tires, the breaks, the chain...everything has to work properly, but it also has to fit the rider size. Devron Europe offers a wide range of bicycles, specifically designed for men, women and kids, each of them with characteristics to make the ride safe and pleasant.

For a family ride into the wild

One of the most performing series for family adventures into nature is the Riddle series of the Devron collection. These versatile mountain bikes were created in 3 models for men, women and children. The Riddle M and the Riddle W bikes are suitable for adults and they are equipped with Shimano hydraulics brakes and RockShox or SR Suntour forks, which guarantee power, stability and control Devronduring outdoor activities, even in dirt tracks.

The Riddle W has a beautiful curved frame and light colours. A perfect combination between quality and elegance.

Thanks to the Riddle series even children can ride the same bike as mum and daddy. The Riddle K series is conceived for the littlest that can choose their colourful bicycle with 20-inch or 24-inch wheels, and with 6 speeds to learn how to cycle in different situations.

The Riddle series collects top-of-the-range bicycles, but if you need the right compromise between performance and price, Teranna mountain bikes of the DHS collection could be a good alternative. They are available in models for adults and youngsters.

Devron CitybikeFor a family tour in the city

City family biking can be as fun as riding into nature together, and also safe thanks to the bike paths where children can ride without worries. A city bike tour is a wonderful opportunity to discover the cultural heritage of your home town, for example, and to teach road rules and signals to the little ones.

DHS is the Devron Europe collection that best suits an urban family trip. DHS bikes are perfect for daily rides and cycling in the city, because they are agile and fast in flat terrains.

The collection is wide and encompasses mountain bikes like Teranna to live thrilling adventures in the city streets or classic urban models like Citadinne or Cruiser with front and rear lights, and comfortable saddles to just relax and go.

The DHS range also includes some beautiful children's bikes: the DHS Daisy for girls and the DHS Speedy for boys. They have additional wheels to make the ride stable and safe, while the DHS Jumper bmx is the bike that every little boy dreams of.

For a perfect family start

Yet, before embarking on difficult bike tours, adults must be sure that children are completely at ease with cycling. That’s why Devron Europe has developed a collection conceived for beginners: Kreativ bikes are the right choice to approach cycling. They are gorgeous, colourful, strong and affordable! Contact us at

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