Which mountain bike fits you better?

Which mountain bike fits you better?

Summer is reaching its peak and trying to concentrate on the tasks at work becomes quite hard when you only dream about holidays. To cope with the lust for freedom and relaxation, there is nothing better than an outdoor activity, such as a bike ride.

Outdoor cycling is the healthy choice you can enjoy together with friends or on your own, during the weekend or before work. You can organise a ride in the city, into nature, the mountains or at the seaside. The place is up to you. As for the bike, trust an expert. Devron Europe offers a wide range of mountain bikes, designed to perform on all sorts of terrains. Which one fits you better? It depends on what kind of cyclist you are.

The demanding cyclist

You are an expert, competitive, refined rider. You seek an outstanding design and top class components in a bike, but high performance and powerful control as well. The Vulcan series is made for you. Beautifully made with smooth welding, these Devron mountain bikes are agile and suitable for long journeys, because the aluminium frame is ultralight. Its particular geometry ensures speed and stability and the hydraulic disc brakes maximise safety. The RST Alpha or RockShox forks and the 29”/27,5” tires give you control during downhill rides and sharp curves, while the ergonomic seat and the anti-slip handlebar grips give the ride more comfort.

The adventurous cyclist

You love adventure and excitement no matter what the road brings. The journey is much more important for you than the destination. That is why you prefer riding into nature. The Zerga mtb is what you need to satisfy your need for freedom and challenge. This series in the Devron collection is specifically designed to grant a smooth and fast approach in rough terrain and dirt trails. It boasts Shimano derailleurs and shifter, hydraulic disc brakes, Rockshox or RST Alpha forks and a light aluminium frame that guarantee control, stability and power to any off-road experience.

The amateur cyclist

You enjoy cycling in the weekend with family or friends. Sunday tours to the countryside is what you enjoy the most. For you, riding is a pleasant activity that has to be comfortable and which can be shared with your loved ones. Devron Europe has developed two series for your wishes: the Riddle series, if you need more quality components, and the mountain bikes for less pretentious cyclists. Both series collect bicycles for men, women and kids. The strong frame, the comfortable seat and the Shimano brake system ensure a comfortable ride on the road or in mountain trails. If you are an absolute beginner, Devron Europe's Kreative mountain bikes are ideal.

Devron-Europe-mountain-bike-zergaThe want-it-all cyclist

You are passionate about innovations and novelties, you always want to be on the cutting edge...you are what people call a trendsetter. When you go for a ride, you want to shine but you also want the rets: adventure and comfort, harsh terrains and smooth riding. The best choice for you is a bicycle with pedal assistance: it is cool, easy to use and allows you to go anywhere. Devron Europe has a wide range of electric bicycles, available in women's and men's models. The top of the range is the Zerga E-7000, with a Shimano motor and battery, but there are other interesting alternatives, such as the Riddle e-bicycles or the Devron e-bikes.

So, which mountain bike will you choose? If you want a tip, write us at office@devroneurope.it or have a look at www.devroneurope.it

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