Heading to Eurobike? Be sure to make JIVR part of your plans

Heading to Eurobike? Be sure to make JIVR part of your plans

JIVR is a UK-based mobility company dedicated to making urban transport easier. Started in London in 2013, their mission has always been focused on ways to beat crowded city streets.

The electric bike of JIVR is not only an amazing piece of creative design and advanced engineering but unique for other reasons too. As the world’s only folding, electric and chainless bike, it combines three features that deliver a convenient, hassle-free riding experience for urban commuters. Getting around on two wheels without the lifestyle compromises has never been easier.

Eurobike opportunity

Eurobike is a great opportunity to get hands-on time with the perfect tool for navigating city environments in style and comfort. You can take JIVR for a ride, try to figure out how the rear wheel turns with no chain and, yes, get plenty of selfies. See for yourself what a Eurobike Award 2019 Finalist looks like up close.

It’s also a chance to learn about where JIVR is headed as a brand. In 2020, JIVR will stay at the forefront of innovation in the mobility space while providing urban residents with new ways to navigate crowded city streets through two key additions to its product line—a new, full-frame city bike and an electric scooter. With its more diverse portfolio, JIVR will offer solutions for an even wider range of commuters.

Meet the team

Industry veteran Edward Vlutters is JIVR’s Chief Commercial Officer and is leading JIVR’s expansion into global markets and managing the introduction of its new products. Come and meet him at Eurobike and listen to what convinced him to bring his experience to the JIVR team. CEO Marcin Piatkowski will also be there, along with other members of the JIVR team.

JIVR has its own facilities in Poland, where its bikes are manufactured and assembled. Their support team is based there as well, allowing for better and faster cooperation with customers and commercial partners.

For more information about selling or distributing JIVR bikes, meet us at booth A1-100 at Hall A1 at Eurobike or write to sales@jivr.co.

This article was sponsored by JIVR.