Velo's Unrivaled Injection Molding Advantage

Velo's Unrivaled Injection Molding Advantage

Since Velo's founding, the company has built up an unparalleled degree of technical knowledge, professionalism and reliability in saddle manufacturing. Perhaps less well known is that the company also uses its long-term knowledge and technology to provide Taiwan's premier injection molding services for OE production of other parts based on customers designs.

Recently more and more globally-acclaimed customers have been discovering that the extent of Velo's expertise is not limited to saddles, grips, handlebar tapes and that the company can also offer the advantages accumulated over 40 plus years to produce any injection part.

No substitute for being Number One

Velo is not shy about innovating for the future. Its previous developments for saddles include such ground-breaking technology as double and triple density injection molding techniques, ArcTech and Wing Bow saddle suspension systems and the O-Zone cooling system. These innovative philosophies and advanced production techniques have been passed on to the company's OE production of other injection-molded products.

Velo can boast on its experience to produce injection-molded parts of any shape the customer desires. Additionally, the company is able to accommodate a wide range of state-of-the-art production techniques including inserts of different materials such as metals or even magnets.

Double and even triple density injection products, where two or three different densities of plastic, usually one harder and a softer version, are injected on the same machine are also offered, as well as a complete range of colors.

You name it, Velo can make it

For many years, Velo has been producing OE injection-molded parts to customers' designs. Client included many of the most renowned brands in the world. This wide spectrum of products ranging from fairings to fenders, downtube protectors and chain stay protectors to chain guards.

Velo even manufactures parts for customers outside the bike industry, regularly supplying such products as hand guards or knee protectors to clients in the motorbike industry.

The burgeoning growth in e-bike sales worldwide has also led to Velo producing an increasing number of parts for electric assist bikes including motor covers, motor protectors, battery covers and battery protectors. With Velo’s injection processes, the sky really is the limit for customer product designs.

Unrivaled capability and service

Velo employs over 2,000 people worldwide. The company's main plant in Taiwan employs over 1,000 people and has over 100 cutting-edge injection molding machines turning out precision parts 24 hours a day. Velo factories in Kunshan and Shenzhen further enhance and expand the company's production capabilities and capacity.

All tooling is carried out at the Taiwanese plant where Velo is able to take advantage its many years’ of experiences and CNC machines to rapidly and professionally open molds based on customer designs.

Bringing together all of these advantages, Velo is able to offer unrivaled service, cutting-edge technical innovations, and an unlimited choice in customer-designed injection products.

This article was sponsored by Velo.